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Individual Lawn Care Services Print E-mail
  • Lawn Repair:  If you have highly advanced damage on your lawn from winter kill, neglect, lack of watering or Pest damage, Call us today and we'll help formulate a proper plan to get your lawn back into the Healthy Green lawn you desire.  We offer the most expertise in the business for repairing and restoring lawns that have been suffering from neglect or damaging external forces.  Don't Give Up- we can help!
  • Liming Soil Conditioning enhance and re-balance the pH Level of your soil. An excellent amendment process that improves soil over several seasons.
  • Soil Conditioner & Root Revival with humic acid, essential oils and other proprietary ingredients to help fortify cell walls of the turfgrass plant and to add food for soil microbes (which help metabolize nutrients) to thrive and support healthy plant growth as well as insect and fungus resistance.
  • Gypsum Salt Reducer (New) Binds to salt in soil caused by pet urine or road salt and flushes it through the soil to allow the grass to grow properly again.
  • Core Aeration removes small cores of soil to ease compaction and allow your lawn to better utilize water and nutrients.
  • Topdressing adds organic matter to the soil and helps to restore thin or small bare areas caused by insect and other damage back to a thick green lawn.
  • Over Seeding helps to thicken your lawn and fill in small bare areas.
  • PowerSeeding: Sometimes called slit-seeding, but better!  Helps restore and renovate lawns that have fallen behind and need the extra help to rejuvenate and create a thick, lush lawn.  Requires Aeration and Organic matter (topdressing or Seed & Feed) depending on our evaluation
  • Seed & Feed Our 3 in 1 application of high quality seed, topdressing and a nutrient boost.  This is an excellent part of a regular maintenance program. Our compost is 100% weed free and contains kelp & humic acid to improve soil quality and increase microbial activity in the soil. It can be applied at anytime but is best applied in combination with Core Aeration.
    The many benefits include: 
    - Increasing turf density to crowd out weeds. 
    - Help repair damage from insect activity.
    - Add organic matter to soil, aid in the uptake of nutrients
    - Increases seed germination results.
    - Helps to break down thatch.
  • Perimeter Insect Control gets rid of pesky insects like earwigs and ants trying to invade your home from the outside.
  • Vegetation Control controls unwanted vegetation growing on your patio, driveway or walkways down to the root!
  • Hard Surface Vegetation Control- Manages unwanted vegetation on hard surfaces through regular visits coupled in your lawn care program
  • For our Standard Core service of Fertilizer, Weed Management, White Grub & Chinch Insect Management please visit under our heading: Healthy Lawn Care programs or under Pest Identification

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You can reach us easily at 905-707-9994 or 1-888-503- LAWN (5296) or simply order online with our self help account management tools. (a real person is always still only a phone call or click away!) 

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