New Fiesta Weed Control vs. Sarritor

New Fiesta Weed Control vs. Sarritor

Weed Control alternatives have come along way.  LawnSavers uses only the best products on the market.  We provide visible results for our clients and are the greenst and healthiest choice for Greater Toronto residents.  Starting in 2010 and now through 2015, LawnSavers has 5 full years of experience with our newest Green technology and the best way to reduce weeds in your lawn, Fiesta! Our 5 full years of experience puts us that far ahead of our competitors who are following in our footsteps,  just learning now and trying to keep up. Don’t be their guinea pig- choose LawnSavers Experience!

In laboratory, greenhouse and real home lawn testing, our NEW Fiesta liquid Weed Control shows great promise as a more effective weed management tool.  It is not reliant on you watering it in for 3 days and not as temperature dependant and restrictive as Sarritor, Beet Juice, Corn Gluten and other less effective organic options out there.  Health Canada granted registration on April 14th 2010 and it was quickly registered by The Ontario Ministry of Environment. LawnSavers was the first lawn care company in Toronto to start using it on home lawns with astounding results.  We included 2 applications in our programs at no extra charge in 2010.

FOR 2015, LawnSavers gives you DOUBLE YOUR WEED CONTROL with our NEW Rapid app Technology to ensure better results!

With five full years of testing and experience, LawnSavers has figured out how to make Fiesta work better than ever for our customers.  With repeated applications spaced in a timely fashion, we can offer you an incredibly valuable and proven weed management program.

FOUR scheduled Applications of Weed control are included in each of our programs this year.  Weed Control is applied to weeds as a blanket spray at first and also on a spot application basis for lawns with fewer weeds.  We blanket apply as required for higher infestations. (It only works by being applied to an actual weed and does not prevent weeds.) Over time, when combined with our proper fertilizing program we will help give you a healthier, thicker fuller lawn that reduces the overall number of pesky broad leaf weeds in your lawn.   A comprehensive multi-pronged approach including Professional Fertilization, core aeration, certified overseeding, adding compost and insect management will give you the most visible results.

See it’s quick results in our lawnsavers blog! Click here to see the Fiesta blog with pictures of results


  • New Patented technology by Neudorff: Fiesta is a fast-acting, selective bio-rationale herbicide used to control dandelions, narrow leaf plantain and other major lawn weeds.
  • Is not a fungus
  • Works on a wide variety of broadleaved weeds as part of an overall weed management strategy (including clover)- Many  weeds may require 2  or more applications (depending on species and the maturity of weed)
  • Derived from iron
  • Water based with no unpleasant odor
  • Rainfast in less than 3 hours
  • Works in relatively cool weather
  • People and pets can safely enter the area once dry


Sarritor is derived from a naturally occurring fungus called Sclerotinia Minor that is normally associated with rotting lettuce.  It was developed by Dr. Alan Watson at McGill University. See more at .

Sarritor Natural Weed Control WAS another product used for weed management in the past (2009) to manage weed problems in your lawn.  It was the most effective weed management tool available on the market in 2009 and worked best on dandelion, thistle, ragweed and plantain.  However temperature restrictions and watering instructions were followed. It is a tool to help REDUCE the number of dandelion weeds on your lawn, but not eradicate them.  It was introduced into the market by a company set up by Weed Man and Dr.Green who were the key shareholders, backers and promoters of Sarritor in the industry.

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PDF Downloads:

Sample of our leave behind instructions for after treatment care of Sarritor in 2009:

Sarritor Natural Weed Control- Must Water!

Today we applied our unique Natural Organic Weed Control product called “Sarritor”.
It is critical that this product remains moist to be viable.  (water often to keep the product moist)
Sarritor is a naturally occurring fungus that is native to Canada that is capable of eliminating many broadleaf weeds in about 1 week.
When applied to a broadleaf weed the fungus will grow into the weed and absorb the plant tissues until the weed is completely gone.  Once the weed is gone, the fungus disappears.  It usually takes 5-7 days to eliminate the weeds (mainly effective on dandelion, thistle, ragweed & plantain).
The product does not pose a risk to human health or the environment and is compatible with normal lawn maintenance operations such as mowing fertilization and irrigation.

The product can be applied any time during the day as long as the soil temperature does not exceed 25 deg. Celsius.
You can walk on the grass immediately after the product is applied. However we recommend waiting 3 days before mowing or playing games on the grass since the product requires some time to establish in the weeds and start to work.  The product requires moisture to work effectively; therefore it will work better on rainy days.


  • WATERING: Watering is the most important aspect of getting the product to work. We ask that you water your lawn after the application is finished as soon as possible for 15 minutes. We also highly recommend repeating this for 3 days after the application. To ensure it does not dry out.
  • MOWING AFTER SARRITOR:  Normal mowing can resume 3 days after our application of Sarritor.  Also, try to avoid heavy traffic on the lawn for at least 3 days to allow the product to work more effectively.
  • PESTICIDE SIGNAGE: Although Sarritor is naturally occurring and SAFE for animals, birds and humans, Ontario Law still requires that we post a sign at each application.

If anyone should have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 905-707-9994 or 1-888-503-LAWN  for more information about Sarritor and how Fiesta is far superior.

Remember: A Green, Thick & Healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds. Ask your LawnSaver how we can work together!

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Sarritor Pictures:

sarritor-1 sarritor-2 sarritor-3