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Current Lawncare Reviews

We are so honored when our clients leave us a review about the good lawn care maintenance they have received and how pleased they are with the results of our work. Below is just a snippet of the positive reviews we have gotten.

“Lawn Savers has been taking care of my lawn for 12 years now and the staff have always been super friendly, responsive and reliable year after year! My lawn has never looked better and I would highly recommend their services!”
C.A. Hennessy

“Can’t thank LawnSavers enough for the beautiful job they have done over the summer treating my lawn. When we first moved here in the Spring, my lawn could only be described as a desert. I had weeds bordering on cactus’s. And we had a huge lawn, front, back, 2 sides. It was embarrassing. But LawnSavers and more specifically Dave Shimko has brought our entire lawn back to a lush green almost velvet carpet. It’s quite unbelievable. My neighbors constantly compliment the beautiful lawn we have now. The weeds are gone and the grass is so lush. I would not hesitate to recommend LawnSavers and Dave.. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ”
D. Baxter – Innisfil, ON

“This was the first time I have worked with LawnSavers. They are very professional and interactive with clients. We were kept up to date on each visit and were provided feedback about our lawn and tips to keep it healthy. We were very pleased with the result of the treatments to our lawn. I received extremely prompt responses to all of my questions, and as a result of the excellent experience, I have renewed our service for 2021. I highly recommend LawnSavers to anyone who appreciates a premium lawn care experience with a dependable and diligent company.”
K. Garrett

“After years and years of going to war over the past decade with the weeds in my backyard who knew the easiest solution was LawnSavers. My lawn has never looked to so good. It looks so healthy and beautiful. Everyone wants to run barefoot in the backyard now. I also have a few envious neighbours.”
G. Sadana-Robbins

“The Mosquito Control service is fantastic. It’s been our 3rd summer getting it done. I wish we would have done it sooner. We can finally enjoy the great outdoors without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. The service technicians are friendly and knowledgeable.”
L. Pellegrini

“Great service each year. Friendly and competent personnel. The lawn looks great all season long no matter the weather. It is helpful that you anticipate problems and deal with them and help us to deal with them. Many thanks to you and your team. ”
O. Pegg

“We used Lawnsavers for our first time last year, after being with another company for several years before. We were very happy with the service provided on the phone, and the way that our lawn looked under Lawnsavers’ care. We are looking forward to the Spring/Summer and another great year of green and healthy grass!”
A. Webber

“Dear Kyle:  We so often take the time to voice a complaint but don’t bother when we have something good to say. I want you to know that you and your team at LawnSavers are a pleasure to deal with. I am always able to get a real person on the phone to handle any of my questions or concerns and am even able to contact you personally by phone or email. The customer service is always prompt, professional & friendly. In fact, I am happy to tell you that I think LawnSavers is the best lawn care company I have had. Keep up the good work!  Looking forward to another season of great service,”
L. Cappuccitti – Kleinburg, ON

“I would like to congratulate you and your company on a job extremely well done last year. I am satisfied with your lawn care services. One of my neighbours asked about who was taking care of my lawn and I don’t have any hesitation to refer them to you. I told them that I strongly recommend you.”
N. Di Nicola – Maple, ON

“Thanks for your quick response, you truly do care about your clients.”
D. Bondy – Oak Ridges, ON

“I am very pleased with the services you offer, and I’d like to continue having you as my lawn care company.”
H. Carayannis – Richmond Hill, ON

“I have been your customer for several years and I would like to show my appreciation on your great services. I think you are the only lawn care company that offer lawn care services to every inch of my lawn. Keep on your great work!”
Patrick – Markham, ON

“I am not sure if any of my neighbours from last year are using your service this year.  (I think they are crazy if they don’t.)  I had many compliments on my lawn from other people in the neighbourhood and always told them which company did such a fantastic job.  I will prepay the service again…Thanks again”
C. McFarland – Newmarket, ON

“Everything looks terrific, and I am quite delighted!   So thank you very much.   It was well worth it.”
A. Aris – Thornhill, ON

“I must tell you how refreshing it was to always see your rep put a happy face on the Service Report.  It always put a smile on my face and the service was great too.  I Hope to deal with you again.”
R. Arrowsmith – Richmond Hill, ON

“I really appreciated your observing the spruce tree’s condition as well as recommending corrective action last week. Why the dramatic change is beyond me- it was fine as recent as a week prior. I’m glad the treatment worked so well…”
V. Jones – Richmond Hill, ON

“Thanks so much for the wonderful care and service you’ve provided for our lawn over the years.  You know how important a healthy, green lawn is to me, and LawnSavers has been exceptional in meeting my needs.  I wish you continued success and I look forward to calling you back once our new house is completed and ready for lawn care”
N. Galea – Newmarket, ON

“I’ve enclosed my payment for next year.  As usual, thanks for the good job you people do.”
L. Gotsulsky – Richmond Hill, ON

“I would also like to commend the staff & management for the good work they do.  I am especially impressed with their friendly attitude, their courteousness, and their pleasant manner, which to me is every time I call the office.

Over the past year I have called about one thing or another and have always spoken to a very friendly voice.  Also your tips and advice about the lawn makes me feel very good about the results, and my neighbour mentioned she was going to call your office.
Thanks again for everything, and for doing what you do, so well.”
S. Michael – Newmarket, ON

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful care that you have provided on our lawn.  We have used the services of LawnSavers now for four years and have been delighted because our lawn looks great.  We were so pleased with LawnSavers services that we referred our next-door neighbour.  In fact, during last summer’s municipal water ban, although dry, our lawn still looked terrific.  A new neighbour moved in while the two-month water ban was on and commented on how our lawns looked the best on the street.  He immediately requested LawnSavers number.  Now all three houses in a row have the best lawns on the street!

The service staff is knowledgeable, respectful and courteous.  Lawnsavers actually does what they promise.  I like the fact I can trust Lawnsavers to treat my lawn safely, properly and as necessary.  It has been a relief for us to have a comprehensive package that covers everything that could come up.  It has been really nice not to get pestered with salesman telling me that I have to pay for additional services that I thought were included.  Other than mowing and water, I can just enjoy my lawn and feel proud of it as I drive up to the house everyday.

We can certainly understand why LawnSavers was voted “Readers Choice” for Best Lawn Care Service in 2001 and 2002. Sincerely yours,…”
K & M Collins  – Newmarket, ON

“As a satisfied lawn care customer for the past six years, I had no hesitation in asking you to design and implement our front landscaping project at our new home. Now that the job is complete, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we love the new look and feel to the front of our house.  You and your team did an awesome job from the initial design to the implementation. George and his crew were a pleasure even when they had to move the heavy boulders with my wife requesting a little to the left, back to the right and back to the left once again. They did an awesome job and they were excellent ambassadors on your behalf.  We would strongly recommend your company for not only your lawncare services but also for your original, beautiful landscaping. Thank you again for all of your assistance and I can’t wait for our next “LawnSavers” project.”
J. & K. Kofsky – Thornhill, ON

“Just wanted to let you know that I just re-ordered the Protector Package and paid for it through online banking…Anyhow, thanks again for making our lawn look so good.
A. Irvine – Oak Ridges, ON

“You kept your promises even though I had not renewed my program.  That is excellent customer service; other companies would not have followed up.  I see you do the house next door.  I am willing to give your company another try and I am willing to do my share. Thank you”
S. Ladak – Markham, ON

“Sequoia TreeScape often does tree work for LawnSavers clients. When Kyle contacted me regarding a potential referral, he clearly explained to me that representing him well and respecting the client in every way is just as important as a job well done. We successfully completed the first job, and he followed up with the client to inquire about their experience. It was a positive one, and we completed a second job for him, and so on down the line, his clients have been happy. Kyle refers Sequoia because we have all levels of equipment and pricing to choose from, but by far his biggest concern is that whichever company is at one of his clients’ properties, conducts business in the same manner LawnSavers does – that means listening to the clients’ needs and fulfilling those with quality and integrity and a focus on making them say WOW!”
M. Gladwin – Sequoia TreeScape – NewMarket, ON

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  • Transitioning to less restrictions -Covid Update: (updated 10/14/21)

    Hi Everyone, 

    LawnSavers managed to persevere through this last pandemic year with the loyal partnership of our clients.

    We are able to authorized and able to service lawns and perform pest control services in all our GTA service areas as an essential service.

    Our office remains open in addition to some remote staff.   Please note with many people working from home, our service is experiencing a higher demand and volume of calls.
    We know how much everyone hates being left on hold, so please feel free to  leave us a message,  or email and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.  (you can also text us at 905-707-9994)

        Please be patient with us, we will get back to you as fast as we can and do
    our very best to help you.

    You can also sign up for services on our website by clicking here.

    2020 is now well behind us.  Together with our customers, we face Covid-19 head-on as a community-minded local small family business and are extremely grateful to be able to survive and keep all of our loyal employees working hard with us through it all.

    2020-21 important turf and tree high (and low) lights:

    • Nine days of snow, ice and wintry weather in May 2020
      2021 was the driest April May and June in 51 years See Actual GTA daily weather records by clicking here.
    • One of the hottest driest summers on record in 2020 with long spells of grass-killing heat and drought. Read more here in our 2020 summary blog.
      2021 carried on this trend with only a few days of rain in July and August, with extreme dryness and heat.
    • A bumper crop of crabgrass that germinated in the perfect (rainless) storm. Expect even more this summer in 2021!
    • Chinch Bug numbers in 2020 were record breaking and persisted through the dry heat they love, secretly killing lawns while dormant! We can help with Chinch bug damage  Expect even more this summer!
    • We put together an easy to read lawn care service timeline that you can use to know when to expect us for each scheduled service in your package. 

    Our number one priority remains the health and safety of our employees and customers.  Safety, Integrity and honesty are our most important core values.  We will continue to follow strict safety guidelines that ensure “low/no touch”.  We will not let our guard down on exercising our safety protocols!

    Thank you all for your understanding and extra patience during these challenging times. Our team works hard, so if you are met with our exceptional service from our technicians or office team members- please give them a thumbs up to make them smile or let me know through a quick email to

    We thank you for supporting our local, family-owned business of 31 years.
     genuinely appreciate you and promise that we will do our part to ensure our mutual safety.

    Thank you in advance,
    Kyle Tobin
    Chief Environmental Officer