Faulty Sprinkler pipes? Install Irrigation pipes deep, right from the beginning!

Unfortunately there are still too many fly-by-night sprinkler companies.

The only thing they do well is to make your lawn and garden wet.  The result is that you pay the price, with excess and unnecessary water usage, plants that die, lawns that don’t respond well, wasted water etc.

You get the picture.  But if you don’t, here is a perfect example of a lawn in Richmond Hill who’s contractor (or the homeowner) laid sprinkler lines directly under the sod.

Poor pipe installation in sprinkler system

Poor pipe installation in sprinkler systemClose upClose upCan lead to expensive repairsCan lead to expensive repairs

I bet the customer wasn’t home during installation!

This lawn won’t ever be able to be core aerated which is necessary for some lawns with heavy clay soil.  In addition, they will have to be careful with mowing and playing on the lawn to make sure no one trips!

Don’t be a victim- do your homework when investing in your home.  Here are some tips on choosing a reputable sprinkler/irrigation company in the Greater Toronto Area:

1. Make sure they are a member of Landscape Ontario, the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association or other industry accredited associations.

2. Do they employ Certified Irrigation Installers and trained staff that know plants , lawns and their specific water requirements?  http://www.landscapeindustrycertified.org/

3. Are they accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

4. Do they have good a good reputation online and actual homes you can inspect?

5. Ask questions like: What considerations did you use to design my in-ground irrigation system? What types of devices do you plan to use to control my water usage and make sure I’m watering efficiently?

If you get a puzzled look, you probably have a low-baller.  A proper, efficient, in-ground sprinkler system will normally cost about $3500-4000.00 for a property that is 2500-4000 sq ft. (depends on several factors- water pressure, amount of gardens, slopes, exposure etc.)

With lawn and garden sprinkler systems, you really do get what you pay for.

Have any horror stories of your own, tell us about them in the comment section below!

Call Landscape Ontario or the Irrigation Association.

Please read page 16 here:

Minimum depth/cover measured from the top of pipe (or as specified)
………………………………..Main line {in.}                 Lateral lines {in.}
Residential                                         12                                          8
Commercial                                        18                                         12
Under vehicular paving                    24                                         24