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The BEST Approach to a Healthy & Organic Lawn

Naturally THE BEST SOLUTION for your ORGANIC lawn!

LawnSavers will help guide you to the right plan for your lawns unique challenges.  Our focus is providing the highest quality nutrients for your grass and soil health to promote a Greener, Thicker, Healthier lawn to naturally fight off weeds. We employ the most up to date Weed Control techniques to guarantee you visibly fewer weeds year after year!

WE Guarantee Visible Results with your Partnership! For over 34 years, LawnSavers has been providing more successful lawn care with the safest, most effective options by engaging in ongoing scientific research and testing.

Your partnership and participation is a must. By ensuring our advice is implemented and adjustments are made to your mowing and watering, you will have the Greenest, Thickest & Healthiest lawn on the street! 

The truth is, Weed management is only successful when several tools are used in conjunction with each other. If a proper care program isn’t followed, meaningful results will take much longer to achieve!
Fiesta™ Weed Control is only one of many important components to manage common broadleaf weeds over several seasons in conjunction with proper mowing & watering and seeding. Programs are priced based on actual total turf grass area, not ‘lot size’.

Lawn Care Prices in Ontario

Bare minimum to maintain good lawns
and keep them in good shape.


Starting at


per year
  • 5 VISITS PLUS up to 10 services
  • Premium Organic-Based
    Granular Fertilizer with Polyon™
  • Blanket “Fiesta” Weed Management
    (with pre-payment)
  • Targeted “Fiesta” Weed Management
    with BONUS Soil & Root INVIGORATOR
  • Premium Organic Based Granular Fertilizer with Polyon™
    + Targeted “Fiesta” Weed Management
    + Chinch Bug Inspection & FREE KELP Strengthening Bio-Stimulant
    (with pre-payment)
  • Targeted Weed Management with “Fiesta” & Nutrient Boost
Best Value

Our most POPULAR! Ideal
to improve most home lawns.


Starting at


per year
  • 7 VISITS PLUS up to 15 Services
  • Premium Organic-Based
    Granular Fertilizer with Polyon™
    + FREE 500g BAG of LawnSavers Custom SEED Blend
    (with prepayment)
  • Blanket “Fiesta” Weed Management
    + FREE SEA KELP Strengthening Bio-Stimulant
    (with prepayment)
  • Targeted “Fiesta” Weed Management
    with BONUS Soil & Root INVIGORATOR
  • Premium Organic Based Granular Fertilizer with Polyon™
    + Targeted “Fiesta”Weed Management
    + Chinch Bug Inspection & FREE KELP Strengthening Bio-Stimulant
    (with pre-payment)
  • Targeted Weed Management with “Fiesta” & Nutrient Boost
  • Winterizer Granular Fertilizer
    + FREE Soil Conditioner (with pre-payment)
    + additional Targeted “Fiesta” Weed Management
  • EXCLUSIVE NO-MESS Liquid Aeration

Repair, Restore & Rejuvenate neglected lawns in bad shape!


Starting at


per year
prepaid only- That's 50% less than Sod!
  • 9 VISITS PLUS up to 20 Services
  • Includes all services in the Protector Package throughout the season timed according to your lawns progress including
    Season Long Premium Granular Fertilizers with Polyon™
  • Season Long Vegetation Control to clean up tough to control weeds and weed grasses on your lawn
    Plus Season Long Weed Management for Broadleaf Weeds
  • Granular Compost Application to amend the soil with seed supporting nutrients
  • PowerSeeding with the best seed available on the market customized for your specific lawn for
    Beauty, Longevity & Durability.
    (OverSeeding touch up as required)
    FREE SEA KELP Strengthening Bio-Stimulant Treatments Included!
  • Season Long Targeted touch up of weeds, and Seed touch ups to ensure fill-in of bare spots
  • No-Mess Liquid Aeration with SEA KELP & HUMIC ACID
    plus Core Aeration
    if needed to address compaction.
  • Partnership Orientation & Success Coaching with our Renovation team
    All of the above is included as long as you are doing your part!
  • After your First Year, clients graduate to our annual Protector Package subscription with OverSeeding to ensure the success of this package and long lasting results

PLUS:ALL programs include pH testing as required (when a pH problem is suspected).

REGULAR PLANT HEALTH CHECKS are performed in all programs on all visits!

You may require additional services like Grub Control, FULL-lawn OverSeeding, Core or Liquid Aeration, Soil Amendments, De-Thatching etc. depending on our analysis of your lawns unique situation.

* Applications in each of the Program visits are subject to modification to improve results as new technologies emerge, regulations change, or as weather factors dictate.
We guarantee you will always receive improved value with any modification.

If you are happy with our service PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS; if they purchase our Basic LawnSavers, Protector or Renovation Package WE WILL GIVE YOU and your friend $25 credit on your account towards any service ordered in the future.

Service is offered on a Subscription Basis and continues from season to season, year to year, as we work in partnership with you to nurture a stronger, thicker and healthier lawn with ongoing annual care. For any change in service, please call our office during regular business hours at 905-707-9994 or 1-888-503-LAWN (5296).  We are always ready and happy to help!

* Applied in accordance within IPM guidelines, provincial and local by-laws. Program services may be altered or substituted to comply with provincial regulations and developments in organic & traditional technologies that provide for more effective control. Management is defined as the holistic processes employed to manage the incidence and numbers of weeds & turf damaging pests in order to promote a thicker, healthier and greener lawn.  Total weed and insect pest control is neither reasonable nor practical to expect under Ontario provincial regulations and laws.  Our Organic & Natural alternatives will provide a Thick, Green & Healthy lawn that you will love, Guaranteed, as long as we work together in partnership.

** Some lawns may be at a level of weed infestation (generally more than 15-20% weeds) that requires additional treatments at an added cost in order to bring the weed levels to a more manageable level.  We do NOT guarantee a weed free lawn.

Ontario Organic Lawn Care Before & After Results

ontario organic lawn care before ontario organic lawn care after

Code of Practice and Integrated Pest Management


The core of our programs emphasize maintaining proper plant health and educating our clients about proper maintenance. By working with our trained Plant Health Care Experts, we can assure a safer plant health service.

Our programs help to keep your lawns and plants in their best shape.

If your lawn develops a problem, LawnSavers will always use the safest and most effective lawn treatment option available on the market. To ensure this, we are always conducting research trials to evaluate newer organic methods of controlling problems as they become available.


LawnSavers only uses Premium (Better than golf course) Slow-Release Granular Fertilizer that is PHOSPHATE-FREE. Each rainfall or watering dissolves a successive layer of the tiny grains, providing nutrients in a “timed release” fashion. Unlike liquid fertilizers which can over-fertilize or even “burn” a lawn after application, with our fertilizer your lawn always gets the nutrition it needs, when it needs it. Granular fertilizer avoids the problem of liquid fertilizers washing below the roots, eventually robbing them of nutrients and contaminating the ground water. LawnSavers specifically targets all of our lawn treatment services resulting in reduced pest pressures. The result is a GREENER lawn!

Effective & Worry-Free

LawnSavers works with you to ensure the health and attractiveness of your lawn. With every visit you will receive a personalized email report of the services completed. Included are instructions and advice on watering, mowing and any other maintenance to be performed between visits. LawnSavers knowledgeable, licensed and trained plant health specialists are always happy to answer your questions and maintain your peace of mind- talk to our service representatives on a service visit, or simply by phoning our office during business hours.  at 905-707-9994 or 1-888-503-LAWN

Service is our specialty.  LawnSavers is clearly the best lawn care service in the Greater Toronto Area as evidenced by winning the Consumers Choice Award, HomeStars ‘Best of’ Lawn Care and ‘Top Choice’ Award for best lawn care! Our lawn treatment service costs are competitive.  We offer the best lawn care prices in Ontario for the best value!  

What is Integrated Pest Management or IPM? Learn more..

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“We commend LawnSavers for providing excellent service. Through their effective organic fertilization and pest control, along with their helpful tips and recommendations, they have supported us in maintaining a healthy and green (and environmentally-friendly) lawn. As well, we do appreciate the professionalism of their technicians and administrative staff.”

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