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If you live in Toronto and are in need of a top-notch lawn care fertilizing and weed control service near you, look no further than the lawn care experts at LawnSavers. We have three proven lawn care programs that can help rejuvenate and keep your Toronto lawn Thick, Green & Healthy.

As an Award-winning local lawn service company, LawnSavers has helped many Toronto area residents deal with lawn care issues that may have surfaced due to wet rainy seasons of too much moisture, or weed and grub control problems. Ontario’s climate is quite diverse, each season changes from year to year. LawnSavers has the knowledge and expertise to deal with lawn care issues of all sorts. We can help you.

Lawn Care Service Packages Near You in Toronto

Toronto's Best rated lawn care service for over 15 yearsWe offer a wide range of services to our lawn maintenance customers in the Toronto area, but for the most comprehensive care for a healthy lawn, we recommend our Protector Package. This lawn care package will give you maximum coverage and the very BEST VALUE! in a lawn maintenance service. This package includes:

The Best Weed Control Management In Toronto

Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with weeds growing up in your otherwise perfect lawn. They are a blemish that can choke out the beautiful healthy grass. At Lawnsavers, top lawn care weed control solution near you in Toronto, we understand that the best way to control weeds is a well-nourished lawn.

Due to the pesticide ban on lawns, many products have been banned by the Ontario government. At LawnSavers, as grass experts, we pride ourselves on using only solutions  that are safe for your family. We are constantly testing currently available weed control products to make sure we use only the most effective weed management products possible for our Toronto lawn care customers. We have fine tuned a new product, Fiesta®, to provide the most effective results. It has become part of our go-to solution for our weed management program in Toronto and throughout the GTA.

This weed control product can be applied in a wide range of temperatures, is very effective on a wide variety of broad-leaved weeds, and best of all, it does not require watering to be effective.  It works especially well when it is used as part of a comprehensive healthy lawn program. Products like Sarritor, Beet Juice, and Corn Gluten are not effective and serve only to fertilize your lawn and weeds at best.

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Call the lawn experts at LawnSavers when you are are looking for the best lawn service company in Toronto. We’ll provide you a free estimate for lawn care services, and make sure your lawn looks beautiful and that your lawn maintenance is minimal. We also have many additional beneficial lawn service features, such as custom over-seedingwhich can be added to our aeration visit to your Toronto home and will introduce your lawn to a much hardier variety of seeds. These are bred to withstand higher temperatures, need less water, and resist insects like chinch bug!

Contact us today if you have any lawn maintenance questions or to set up an initial assessment.

Chief Lawn Expert

Call or email us today to find out why LawnSavers has been voted HomeStars Best lawn care service for 15 years running! Thank you Toronto for making us your favorite lawn care provider!

If you live in Toronto, you may not be aware that even during a water restriction phase, there are usually times that you can still water your lawn effectively. A healthy lawn only needs 1-1.5 inches of water each week.

LawnSavers takes the work out of this for you: visit our water ban information page.

Here’s what Kevin C from Toronto said about his experience on HomeStars:

“I’ve used many lawn care companies and LawnSavers is by far the best. I called for a quote and they answered me within the day. I signed up for the protector package as it was recommended by one of the customer success agents from my description of my lawn. My lawn had lots of bare spots and I’ve tried seeding it in the past with no luck. When they came to aerate my lawn the technician mentioned that seeding with an aeration is very beneficial as the cores act as natural top soil for the seed which I didn’t know. I bought the seed off them and they applied on the spot with the aeration. They gave me great instructions on how to water and when to mow.

My lawn is full and has never looked better! Their service is by far superb. Since the service is a partnership they have no problem in answering any questions to help make your lawn look great. I highly recommend this lawn care company over any others. Customer service is a quick and a delight to deal with and they technicians are kind, helpful and experienced.”

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Date: 2018-03-14

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