There are 2 types of lawn seeding for home lawns, OverSeeeding and PowerSeeding.

What’s the difference between OverSeeding and PowerSeeding?

While OverSeeding is great way to thicken a thin lawn each year and introduce hardier varieties of seed by broadcast spreading the latest and hardiest in seed technology over your lawn; PowerSeeding is needed to repair lawns with bare spots, excessively thin or damaged lawns.  PowerSeeding, similar to ‘slit-seeding’ is performed using a hydraulic equipped, 9HP motorized machine that uses rigid vertical blades that create small furrows in your lawn about 1/4″ deep in the soil and deposits the seed to ensure seed to soil contact is made.  PowerSeeding is a key component of lawn repair to ensure that the lawn repair is done properly:

  • Is your lawn suffering from the environmental stress of excessive heat or lack of water due to drought?
  • Your lawn was destroyed by chinch bugs during the heat of summer and isn’t coming back?
  • Raccoons and skunks digging up your lawn from white grubs eating the root system of your grass?
  • Your lawn was simply neglected?

PowerSeeding is the ideal choice to ensure consistent seed to soil contact when you need to repair bare areas larger than 1 sq ft.

slit seeding

How PowerSeeding Works

When repairing a lawn, for best results it also is advisable to apply a Liquid Aeration and our custom Dirt-Free Granular Compost to significantly aid in the rate of seed germination and to help amend and improve your existing soil to support improved grass growth.

The results speak for themselves.

powerseeding before and after

Powerseeding Before & After


Powerseeding At Work

What A HappyClient Says About LawnSavers on Homestars:

My lawn was in pretty bad shape. Hardly any grass. Mostly just weeds and Creeping Charlie. LawnSavers brought my lawn back to health in one season. It was incredible to see the transformation. Every time they drop by to deliver a service, they always say hi and give me a few tips. Really knowledgeable and friendly staff. Would highly recommend them.
Toronto, ON

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