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BEST Poison Ivy Removal (and other noxious weeds)

How Do You Identify Poison Ivy?

The first step in dealing with poison ivy is to identify that it is indeed poison ivy. If someone has touched a plant and had a reaction, or if you have seen a plant that you suspect is poison ivy, take some photos and e-mail them to us and we will try to confirm over e-mail at no charge to you. If we are unable to diagnose with a photo then we will need to come out and an inspection fee will be applied.

poison ivy image lawnsavers lawn care maintenancePoison ivy looks like a stem with a larger leaf at the end, and two slightly smaller leaves that shoot out to the sides. The leaves are generally smooth with pointed tips and the plant varies in color throughout the year: Reddish in the spring, Green in the summer, Yellow/Orange in the fall.
Signs that your reaction could be poison ivy include swelling, redness, itching, and sometimes painful blisters. The rash can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to fully develop.

How Do You Get Rid of Poison Ivy Plants?

The most effective way to get rid of poison ivy plants is to use a poison ivy spray. Do not pull the plants as it can break plant tissues and release oils that can cause potentially severe physical injury. Urushiol is the name of the oil.  If you suspect, or know you have come in to contact with it, please take this guy’s advice to wash your skin! (link to handwashing video)

What is the Purpose of a Poison Ivy Spray?

Poison Ivy Spray is a herbicidal application that is performed by our licensed and trained technicians with a product that is allowed under provincial bylaws. Our technician will spray the foliage which will be absorbed through the leaves and taken down into the plants root system. This spray will kill the existing plant from the leaves right down to the root and you will see browning/crisping of the plant over the span of approximately 14-21 days.  At that point the oil will still be present! Continue to exercise extreme caution in the area, and avoid contact with exposed skin, and tools that have touched the plant. Regular applications are required for effective control.

Why Is Poison Ivy Spray Better Than Vinegar?

People should not mess with Poison Ivy, our control works and gets down to the root. Use a professional.  Home remedies and products such as horticultural vinegar are not labeled for Poison Ivy, will not provide effective control because it can only desiccate some leaves, while having no affect on plant roots exposing you to greater risk.

How did I get Poison Ivy?

poison ivy spray lawnsaversPoison Ivy can be imported to your property from many sources.  Most typically we see it introduced from seeds hiding in any plant transplanted from ‘the wild’ like ravines or fields.  Hedge Cedars (commonly know as “Swamp Cedars” or Eastern White Cedar) seem to be a big culprit and comes as part of their roots.  The source can be a simple seed or piece of root from the poison ivy plant.  Another source seems to be from imported soils and composts that are not properly prepared or fully composted.

How Much Does Poison Ivy Removal Cost?

A basic Poison Ivy Inspection starts at only $95 for a licenced exterminator to come out, inspect, assess and identify if you have poison ivy.  If treatment is warranted, an additional minimum application fee of $100 +tax extra will apply for a total of $195.00 +tax (based on ‘same visit’ application of a small sized outbreak- in one confined area (less than 100 sq. ft.). Larger properties, more plants, difficult access or multiple locations on the same property are an additional cost. (ravines, long hedges, multiple gardens, more precise access. etc.)
Please note: Subsequent applications will be needed and start at $195 and up, per application based on application area. You may require 2-4 applications in the first year.

What You Need to Know About Our Poison Ivy Spray Service

  • Weather: the application must be done on a day that allows the product to dry, in order to be effective (usually 30 minutes).
  • Regrowth: due to the nature of Poison Ivy, it can regrow by way of seed, rhizomes, stolon’s or root stalk. Even after an application by LawnSavers, there may be the regrowth of new plants which require further applications to control.
  • The poison Ivy Spray is not a preventative application.
  • Subsequent applications (within 4-6 weeks) starting at $195+tax (min charge). You should expect to schedule at least 3-5 treatments over 2 years to gain control of the problem.
  • Manual removal: LawnSavers does not manually remove the plant. Once the plant has gone completely brown or dried out after the pesticide application, it will eventually disintegrate.  If there is any to remove, wear proper protective gear and avoid any skin contact (even though the plant is dead, Urushiol oil will still be present). Bag and remove the plant from the area as necessary and dispose in garbage. Do NOT compost the dead plants. ‎
  • Surrounding areas: as the technician sprays the foliage, there is no guarantee that surrounding plants will not be affected by the product. If a surrounding plant does get product on it, there will be some damage or LOSS to the affected plant. LawnSavers is not responsible for additional plant death.

Film and Television Production Poison Ivy Identification Service

LawnSavers Plant Health Experts has helped many film productions in and around locations in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario for Top production companies like Showtime, HBO and Netflix. We identify Poison Ivy and other noxious Poisonous plants for film crews who are safety minded and provide safety advice. (We also Provide Professional Christmas Lighting and Decorating Services for Movies like The Christmas Chronicles.)

We help protect actors and film crews on film sets by identifying, flagging and marking areas on set to provide a safe workplace. Included is advice on best practices to reduce exposure, and deal with suspected exposure. Whether a one time set location inspection or having an expert on set for the day of filming for I.D., we can help.

Some of the projects we worked on are “Fellow Travellers” in Bluffers Park Toronto, “Private Eyes” with Jason Priestley films in Uxbridge, and several production sets around King Township Ontario.

So if your film set location takes you off the beaten path, Contact LawnSavers Plant Health Experts for a Poison Ivy Consultation today.

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