Risk Free Guarantee

Risk Free & Price Match Guarantee

Money Back (Peace-of-mind) Guarantee:
We make sure you will get the best value in the business, if you ever find a better offer for the same services, even after you take advantage of one of our preferred customer offers, we will still refund you the difference on your account! That way there is no risk to you.

We are so confident that our programs can’t be beat by any competitor, that we are willing to offer the following Guarantee:

  1. Price Match Guarantee: If you can find a program from any company that includes everything we offer in our program for a better price, we will match it.


  1. Peace of Mind Guarantee: Even after you decide to partner with us, if you find a program that includes all of our services and visits at a better price, we will refund you the difference!

The only details:
1. Must be for current calendar year that program was provided.
2. The Competitor is willing to put it in writing to you.  Please forward us a copy of their formal quotation.

LawnSavers guarantees your satisfaction in writing.

We’ll work in partnership with you to do whatever it takes to ensure a beautiful lawn.  When you commit to one of our programs, with your proper watering and mowing, we commit to re-apply any included service at no additional charge in an effort to give you the green and healthy lawn we promised.  If for some reason we are unable to do so, we will refund the cost of your last treatment.

Our Protector Package includes as many service calls as it takes to give you a green and healthy lawn as promised.

***You may be required to purchase additional services for unforeseen pests like Grubs that eat the roots of your lawn or Leatherjackets that will chew the crown of your turfgrass plant. Like a doctor who can’t predict ailments with any certainty, LawnSavers is unable to predict the severity of infestation in every neighbourhood, but will monitor and communicate concerns on an ongoing basis.*** 

“The point of our guarantee is that we’ll work hard in partnership with you, so that you’ll never have to use it. We have never had an issue when the homeowner does their part.  LawnSavers employees are empowered and will do whatever it takes as part of your program to guarantee your satisfaction. There is no better guarantee available in the industry.”
Kyle F. Tobin
President & Chief Environmental Officer

Note: The only time your guarantee will not apply is if:

  • Your lawn has a detrimental amount of thatch
  • You do not follow your LawnSavers Plant Health Care Specialist’s recommendations provided on each visit.


OverSeeding Guarantee

LawnSavers Technical Department conducts trials and tests on all seed available in the market and chooses only the best! We custom blend our seeds in order to provide you the best seed on the market, for a healthy lawn!

Our seed is 100 % certified!  that means our seed is specially selected to have:

  • More vigorous growth characteristics
  • Better, Greener colour
  • Better drought resistance
  • Denser growth
  • Endophyte enhanced (chinch bugs don’t like to eat it!)
  • Increased Germination

We will apply our seed at a generous rate to help thicken your lawn and fill in bare spots.  We will use only the finest certified seed. It is your responsibility to ensure the seed gets adequate moisture, and proper care according to the instructions we leave for you. Due to the nature of seed growth and the duty of care required by you the customer, we can not guarantee the success of overseeding, but are willing to provide all the help and advice we can to work with you to ensure the best results. Keep it moist and it will grow!

Get a FREE estimate! Get a FREE estimate!

    LawnSavers by nature employs strict safety guidelines in the use of our nutrients, soil-enhancing minerals, weed and pest controls and application procedures at all times.
    The province of Ontario in addition to many provinces and states have designated Pest Control Exterminators as ‘essential services’.  (we dont take this responsibility lightly)

    Our Professional, Ontario-licenced Service Technicians work alone in their own assigned, sanitized-daily service vehicles.  Our service treatments are outside which means we are not in contact with the general public or others during our daily duties as part of our standard operating procedures.

    Our professional and uniformed staff wear protective safety equipment including gloves and eye protection, and keep our selves and our vehicles clean and sanitized as regular daily safety measures. As always, LawnSavers provides your service information/invoice after each visit to our clients through email to reduce paper and also contact.

    Our service normally includes knocking on doors before service  as a courtesy to let our clients know we are on your property and to discuss specific client needs. However, this contact method will be suspended indefinitely during this time.  We will still advise you the day before service by email, and we will also send email reports right after each visit with customized notes and directions (as always). If you would like to talk about service, a friendly Customer Success Representative is just a phone call away.

    Spring turf and tree growth won’t wait, and weeds and insect pests don’t either!  It is important for us to continue timely treatments to promote a thick green and healthy lawn that can fight off pests proactively during the season so you can enjoy your home and outdoor environment.
    Thank you!