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Crabgrass Management is achieved in partnership with you, over several seasons to reduce this ugly, aggressive and invasive weed grass that occupies an otherwise beautiful lawn.  Crabgrass seeds can blow in from neighbouring yards or fields and remain dormant for many years.
They wait patiently until your lawn has a moment of weakness (examples: drought, heat stress, or the time you mowed too short!).  Only when these seeds receive the right amount of sun, moisture and contact with soil, then they will germinate and fight for space.  They are annual plants that propagate themselves by releasing hundreds to many thousands of seeds each year from each individual crabgrass plant, as they die off each fall.

Who needs it?

  • Customers will recognize crabgrass in their lawn by its distinctive low growing habit, wide leaf blades and seed tillers.  Often people will confuse it with Tall Fescue or Quack Grass
  • Turns purple in the fall.
  • Usually located near curbs and driveways as the seeds blow in from neighbouring properties.
  • Normally occurs in older more established neighbourhoods and lawnsCrabgrass weed along driveway curb

How often?

  • There are 2 ways to attack crabgrass:
  • Crabgrass treatments are classified as “Pre-emergent” using corn gluten and “Post-emergent” by hand pulling.
  • Pre-emergent can only be done in the spring before the seeds germinate.
  • Corn Gluten treatments normally need to be made for several years to provide a noticable measure of reduction for this persistent grassy weed. It can not be eliminated and is not guaranteed.
  • A healthy, thick lawn mowed at the correct height, not scalping the edges, and regular deep watering to prevent stress is the best defense against crabgrass.


  • Crabgrass is invasive and will spread through a lawn, eventually crowding out desirable grasses.  Treat as soon as you can by hand-pulling.
  • LawnSavers can help reduce crabgrass in your lawn over the years and work with you to reduce its re-occurrence through proper lawn management.

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  • The truth is: a combination of proactive healthy maintenence and pulling the plants is the most effective control of crabgrass.
  • Thicker, healthier lawns mowed at the correct height 2.75″+, and NOT trimming at a 45 deg angle around the edges stops a lot of crabgrass from having the opportunity to grow.
    And when it does, pull it out AND mow it with a bagger attachement on your mower to stop the spread of seeds.
  • Understanding the reality of how crabgrass plants grow allows the best control. It is an annual. Which means it grows from a new seed each year and then dies after fall frosts.
  • Crabgrass needs sun, and space. Don’t give it that.
  • Crabgrass needs to spread its seed to grow a new plant each year before it dies off for good – don’t let it!
  • Traditional chemical control (not allowed in Ontario) rarely made a big or noticeable difference on crabgrass, especially when your maintenance is off!
    So why not just get the maintenance right in the first place?
  • Our spring CG treatment targets the entire lawn and not just the specific areas that crabgrass is growing and/or tends to grow.
  • Spring Pre-emergent Corn Gluten treatment can help to reduce seeds from germinating in the first place by creating a protective barrier on the soil that reduces seed germination establishment.  (up to 40% less germination over 2-3 years)
  • You must not rake or disturb the soil after application. (so, over-seeding is not recommended until fall when crabgrass seeds won’t have enough time to germinate and become established for the current season)
  • Post-emergent treatment involves your partnership in pulling plants before they go to seed, and mowing with a bag attachment to reduce spread of the seed.

Price for Corn Gluten applications

Starting at:

  • $107.47 +tax for up to 1000 sq.ft. of lawn area

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