Crabgrass Management

Crabgrass Management


Our Crabgrass Management service works over time to reduce this ugly weed grass that invades an otherwise beautiful lawn.  Crabgrass seeds can blow in from neighbouring yards or fields and remain dormant for many years.  Only when these seeds receive the right amount of sun, moisture and contact with soil will they germinate.  They are annual plants that propagate themselves by releasing hundreds of seeds each year from each individual crabgrass plant.

Who needs it?

  • Customers will recognize crabgrass in their lawn by its distinctive low growing habit, wide leaf blades and seed tillers.  Often people will confuse it with Tall Fescue or Quack Grass
  • Turns purple in the fall.
  • Usually located near curbs and driveways.
  • Normally on older more established lawns.

    Crabgrass weed along driveway curb

    Crabgrass along driveway

How often?

  • Crabgrass treatments are classified as pre-emergent with corn gluten and post-emergent by hand pulling.
  • Your LawnSavers Plant Health Specialist is trained to determine the appropriate method and timing of treatment.
  • Treatments normally need to be made for several years to provide control for this persistent grassy weed.


  • Crabgrass is invasive and will spread through a lawn, eventually crowding out desirable grasses.
  • LawnSavers can rid your lawn of an existing problem and work to prevent it from re-occurring.


  • Our treatment targets the entire lawn and not just the specific areas that crabgrass is growing and/or tends to grow.
  • Pre-emergent treatment helps to reduce seeds from germinating in the first place by creating a protective barrier in the soil.
  • You must not rake or disturb the soil after application. (over-seeding not recommended until fall)
  • Post-emergent treatment involves pulling plants before they go to seed.


Starting at:

  • $97.70 for up to 1000 sq.ft.