Soil Conditioners

BEST Lime or Gypsum Soil Conditioner Treatment


Our Soil Conditioner treatments will help to condition your soil by re-balancing it’s pH level and/or neutralizing soil pH. The pH level measures the amount of Hydrogen ions in the soil. Soil that has been affected by environmental factors and over-treatment of chemicals in the past begins to leach micro-nutrients from the soil which are replaced by Hydrogen ions.  This prevents proper usage of nutrients by the root system. Turfgrass normally thrives at a pH level from 6.5 to 7.2.

Who needs it?

  • Customers who routinely have their lawn looked after by a lawn care company
  • Lawns that have become chemically dependent
  • Lawns that have high amounts of moss or mildew caused by acidic soil
  • Lawns that have excess sodium deposits from snow plowing or dog urine
  • Lawns that are not as green as their potential

How often?

  • Liming or Gypsum applications should be done as dictated by the soil conditions.
  • The more finely ground the limestone the better it’s acid neutralizing ability.  LawnSavers uses a very finely ground particle size to speed up the effect on the soil.
  • Regular liming will create better soil conditions over time.
  • Our Gypsum is pelletized to allow easy application and then quick dissolution to help move sodium through the soil faster.  Gypsum does not adjust pH.
  • Ask your LawnSavers technician for their advice.


  • By re-balancing the pH level in the soil, your lawn’s roots will increase their capacity to absorb nutrients such as iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium and break them down more effectively.
  • This will increase their usefulness to your lawn (especially iron) which aids in photosynthesis. The result is a greener thicker lawn.
  • Moss tends to grow only in lawns that are very moist, very shaded, highly acidic or a combination of all three. Poor air circulation or where the pH level has become more acidic is also a contributing factor.  Repeated applications of Lime will reduce soil acidity and the ideal habitat of moss, over time.*
  • Liming increases the activity of micro-organisms in the soil which helps decrease thatch.
  • Gypsum and the calcium contained in it, help to separate the sodium ions from the soil to allow it to flush through the soil profile faster.
  • Dog urine burns disappear faster allowing new grass to be sown from seed or sod replacement.


Starting at:

  • $65 up to 2000 sq.ft.
  • $95.00 up to 4000 sq.ft.

    *Tip: Liming alone does not eliminate moss. Drainage issues (allowing water to drain, correcting watering practices) and shade problems (thinning trees, raising the canopies to allow more sunlight) should be addressed in tandem to reduce moss over time.