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(Jane & Langstaff area in Vaughan North of Highway #7 and just East of Highway 400. Cidermill Ave. is East off of Edgeley Rd. or West off of Jane St.)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

🌱 What’s really IN fertilizer, anyway?

We all know fertilizer is food for grass. But not everyone knows how it works or what the three numbers on bags of fertilizer mean, or what the components of fertilizer do for your grass. The three numbers on fertilizer labels show the percentage of each of the three most important plant nutrients. Those are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). So a 35-5-10 blend is thirty-five per cent nitrogen, five per cent phosphorus and ten per cent potassium. Nitrogen improves plant growth. Phosphorus stimulates the growth of new roots and helps with the strength of roots. Potassium strengthens the blades of the grass. It helps the grass resist traffic and disease pressure, and reduces moisture lost from evaporation.
BUT, what is most important is the quality and quantity of slow-release nitrogen employed to feed your lawn, only what it needs-consistently.  LawnSavers uses only the best, better-than-golf-course fertilizer. Polyon ultra high slow-release granular fertilizer is included in all of LawnSavers packages and is the foundation of our healthy lawn care packages.

🦟Do you offer mosquito control services?

We do offer mosquito control in the GTA. Our mosquito spray treatment program has been shown to reduce the mosquitoes in your yard up to 90% when part of a comprehensive treatment plan.  This mosquito control is part of our pest control services and repels these bugs for up to 21-30 days!

🌽 Does Corn Gluten work effectively to control weeds in my lawn?

Short answer: A little bit. It simply affects young seedlings from developing root systems (SOMETIMES). As a Fertilizer it will add nitrogen to the lawn to green it up. It is not considered a slow release fertilizer, it greens up fast and fades away fast too. As a Crabgrass Management tool, it needs to be a registered product for this purpose. It must be applied at double the rate to get any benefit for crabgrass prevention. Dr. Christian’s studies and others, show it takes 2-3 years of applications to get to about 50-60% control of crabgrass. THAT’S REALLY LOW, and not normally noticeable since crabgrass plants can easily put out hundreds of seeds per individual plant, every year!”