Surface Insect Management

BEST Surface Insect (Chinch Bug) Management


Surface Insect Management manages infestations of chinch bug and certain other surface feeding insects to reduce their feeding and resulting damage.  This treatment to manage Chinch bug levels is included in our core Packages or can be purchased separately when insect problems are detected. Grubs are NOT a surface feeding insect as some companies will mislead you into thinking. Grub Control is a separate service.

Chinch Bug Damage

Chinch Bug Damage

Who needs it?

  • Lawns that have insect damage occur during dry periods and high heat.
  • General browning of the lawn or small pockets of dead grass indicates chinch bug damage.
  • Lawns that have a history of chinch bugs or other turf damaging insect populations.

How often?

  • Surface Insect treatments are determined by your LawnSavers Plant Health Specialist to be performed at the proper time according to Insect life cycles, weather, and other factors to ensure optimum control.
  • Occasionally a second application will be required. We will always use the safest but most effective product on the market.
  • LawnSavers continually tests products to ensure reliability and high safety standards.


  • Helps to prevent major damage from occurring by reducing feeding that would normally require expensive repair work.
  • Manages Chinch bug damage and other surface feeding insect infestations in your lawn aiding in their quick recovery


  • Strengthening the lawns health in order to recover and bounce back faster from damage.
  • Must be watered in lightly.
  • Your Plant Health Specialist will leave you specific directions for your property’s situation.

Chinch Bug Management  is included in our multi-pronged program packages.