Terms of Service for Lawn & Tree Care Services

Terms of Service for Lawn & Tree Care Services

LawnSavers offers its Lawn & Tree health care services to customers as a continuous service from year to year.  This means that we will return each year to continue the services you have selected on an annual basis*.  Plants require annual care, just like any living thing, in order to reach their optimum health.

Most importantly, LawnSavers works hard to communicate the message

“We can only be successful together, if you do your part, in partnership with us!”

How To Get The Most out of Our Partnership 

LawnSavers has been successfully providing Chemical-Pesticide-Free lawn care since our inception 28 YEARS ago. We always strive to find the safest and most effective options available on the market through research and ongoing testing. We are proud to say that we have a chemical free alternative available for the most common insect & broadleaf weed pests on turf and trees. Our Weed Control product Fiesta® is a very effective tool to manage most broadleaf weeds that we’ve had great success with since 2010. Programs are priced based on total turfgrass area.


LawnSavers promises to work with you and do whatever it takes to ensure a beautiful lawn. On any of our package programs, we will thoroughly and properly perform our services as specified. If we do not perform any included service professionally and as specified, we will re-apply at no charge in an effort to give you a healthy lawn as we promised according to the service package you purchased. If we are unable to fulfill our part of the partnership agreement, we will refund the cost of your last treatment.

This promise is based on the understanding that lawns are living plants that take time to grow & improve and require your effort in partnership.  All lawns are different including your neighbours. Patience is important. Depending on the condition you give your lawn to us, and the level of care you contribute, it can easily take more than 1 year to get a problem lawn back into shape. We can not accelerate applications as they are timed to occur in a sequence most beneficial to your plants.

No Lawn Care company can promise a completely Weed-Free lawn, however with proper mowing, watering, and partnership with us each season, we’ll be able to reduce your weeds & achieve a THICK GREEN & HEALTHY LAWN GUARANTEED!

Note: The only time your guarantee will not apply is if:

  • Your account is not kept in good standing.
  • You do not follow your LawnSavers Specialist’s recommendations provided on each visit.

(Most importantly: mowing at least once a week & following our watering instructions routinely throughout the season).

If you do not follow our directions and Specialists advice that sometimes include purchasing necessary services like overseeding or grub controls to proactively combat or prevent pests. Applications may require several visits and does not guarantee 100% control; pest or animal damage may still occur.

Limit of Liability: Pest applications are not preventative and subject to proper and timely care. Limit if liability is to re-apply the last application only.

OverSeeding Guarantee

LawnSavers Technical Department conducts trials and tests on all new seed available in the market each year and chooses only the best! We custom blend our seeds in order to provide you the best seed mixtures on the market, for a green & healthy lawn!

Our seed is the finest 100 % certified! That means our seed is specially selected to have:

  • More vigorous growth characteristics
  • Better, greener colour
  • Better drought resistance
  • Endophyte enhanced (chinch bugs don’t eat it!)
  • Denser growth
  • Increased germination

We will apply our seed at a very generous rate to help thicken your lawn & fill in bare spots. It is your responsibility to ensure the seed gets adequate moisture & proper care according to our instructions. Due to the nature of seed growth & the duty of care required by you, we cannot guarantee the success of overseeding, but are willing to provide all the help & advice needed to help ensure the best results. Keep it moist and it will grow! OVERSEEDING IS NOT A LAWN REPAIR SERVICE, however LawnSavers can also help repair excessively thin & patchy lawns with our Lawn Renovation Package.

Preferred Customer Continuous Service Guarantee

Lawns are a collection of living organisms that require continuous care each season, year after year. LawnSavers Continuous Service Guarantee means we will return each year to care for and service your lawn as part of ongoing maintenance of your plants according to the program selected in the previous year. Please note that programs may be altered to comply with local & provincial bylaws and newer organic advancements.

You receive:

  1. Guaranteed Savings for Pre-payment: Each Winter we will offer a preferred customer prepayment discount as long as you remain a customer- each and every year.
  2. Guaranteed Hassle Free Service: You enjoy our guaranteed convenient service that builds on the success of each year’s progress to give you a Green & Healthy Lawn Guaranteed with unlimited service calls within 48 hours!
  3. Guaranteed Uninterrupted Service: Your lawn will be serviced each spring at the proper time even if you don’t wish to prepay. You will still receive your preferred customer prepayment reminder offers, but we’ll do the work and make sure services are not interrupted and service continues each season regardless of your billing preference at the lowest rate then in effect.
  4. Guaranteed Right to Cancel: You can cancel this agreement at any time, by any means that allows you to prove the date on which you gave notice to LawnSavers at 160 Cidermill Ave. Unit 14 Concord, ON L4K 4K5. We work hard to meet your expectations, if for some reason we are not, we fill fix it right away, just as long as you please let us know. If you decide to cancel service at any time, you will only need to pay for the services you received up to the day the request is received at the individual application price instead of the equal billing rates of your discounted bundled program. These rates do not include the significant savings in our bundles.
  5. Money Back (Peace of mind) Guarantee: We make sure you will get the best value in the business, if you ever find a better offer for the same services, even after you take advantage of one of our preferred customer offers, we will still credit you the difference on your account! That way there is no risk to you.

Payment Options

You can Prepay before service begins and take advantage of a discounted price or pay for your service by equal payments throughout the year; for your convenience, we have several easy payment options: (please consider the environment by trying to use the online method to preserve paper)

  1. Online at any major bank
  2. By credit card over phone
  3. Online account access at
  4. By cheque
  5. Easy Pay

Payment for services is due upon receipt; prepaid discounts are valid for pre-season payment. Interest is charged at a rate of 2% per month.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is sacred to LawnSavers. We will not sell or divulge your information to anyone. For more information please visit:

* You can change or cancel services at anytime by calling us by phone or by providing written notice by mail and pay only for services received up until that point at regular individual service prices.  Due to the intermittent nature of the Internet and junk mail filters, we can not guarantee that emails are always received. Your obligation is limited to the cost of services performed up to the time your written or phone cancellation is received by our staff.  You can not add, modify or cancel services by leaving a voicemail.

We will provide you a minimum of two written letters sent through first class mail to you through the winter months reminding you of these terms.  We will also include and offer to you of a special early payment discount at that time.  We will also call ahead 12-24 hours before the service is performed at the number provided to us.

We also make sure to let you know on all of our invoices in regular size print that our service is continuous. LawnSavers goes above and beyond the accepted Best Business Practices as outlined by Landscape Ontario Horticultural Association.

When you decide to hire LawnSavers Plant Health Care Inc., We agree to provide services as written, and you explicitly consent to the terms our service is offered and to do your part to ensure success.   LawnSavers endeavours to provide the most upfront comprehensive and best service in the market.

Get a FREE estimate! Get a FREE estimate!

    LawnSavers by nature employs strict safety guidelines in the use of our nutrients, soil-enhancing minerals, weed and pest controls and application procedures at all times.
    The province of Ontario in addition to many provinces and states have designated Pest Control Exterminators as ‘essential services’.  (we dont take this responsibility lightly)

    Our Professional, Ontario-licenced Service Technicians work alone in their own assigned, sanitized-daily service vehicles.  Our service treatments are outside which means we are not in contact with the general public or others during our daily duties as part of our standard operating procedures.

    Our professional and uniformed staff wear protective safety equipment including gloves and eye protection, and keep our selves and our vehicles clean and sanitized as regular daily safety measures. As always, LawnSavers provides your service information/invoice after each visit to our clients through email to reduce paper and also contact.

    Our service normally includes knocking on doors before service  as a courtesy to let our clients know we are on your property and to discuss specific client needs. However, this contact method will be suspended indefinitely during this time.  We will still advise you the day before service by email, and we will also send email reports right after each visit with customized notes and directions (as always). If you would like to talk about service, a friendly Customer Success Representative is just a phone call away.

    Spring turf and tree growth won’t wait, and weeds and insect pests don’t either!  It is important for us to continue timely treatments to promote a thick green and healthy lawn that can fight off pests proactively during the season so you can enjoy your home and outdoor environment.
    Thank you!