Over Seeding lawn care service lawnsaversWhy over-seed?


  • Thick lawns increase natural weed resistance.
  • Creates a more insect /disease resistant lawn by integrating stronger cultivars of grass enhanced with endophytes into your lawn.
  • It will help reduce previous damage and small bare spots.
  • The result is a greener thicker lawn –Sooner!

Our Over-Seeding service will help to thicken your entire lawn with the highest quality certified grass seed available.  Over-Seeding builds and thickens your lawn with varieties of grass that improve the make-up of your lawn.  We carefully select the types of seed that is best suited for your lawn based on its environment, traffic and other conditions.  We look at NTEP trials (Seed rating trials conducted through premier turfgrass researchers)  to determine the highest rated seed, that will produce the best results in our service areas.  It will help to thicken up those areas that are really thin and not looking their best.

This Service can be added to any package with big savings. LawnSavers package customers SAVE 15% off Lawn Aeration and Overseeding.  Protector Package customers SAVE 25% off OverSeeding (your Aeration is already included in the PRO Package).


Over Seeding Before & After

Over Seeding Before & After

OverSeeding should always be combined with Liquid or Core Aeration for better germination rates (depending on weed levels in your lawn).  Aeration fractures and disturbs the soil to ensure seed to soil contact, thus aiding in the success of young seedlings to become established, while the liquid provides a targeted nutrient boost that aid in germination. Our Granular Compost application is also very helpful to maintain soil moisture near the seeds and provide valuable nutrients to aid seed establishment.

We also offer a UNIQUE POWERSEEDING SERVICE that is better for lawns that are very thin and need repair. We apply 250 percent more seed and force it into contact with the soil by using a machine to create small furrows that the seed is deposited in.  You will typically achieve two to three times the rate of germination with this service. This PowerSeeding machine essentially scarifies the soil profile and drops seed into these spaces ensuring seed to soil contact and much greater germination.

Who needs it?

  • Customers whose lawns are not as thick as their potential.
  • Customers with small thin or bare spots caused by insect and grub damage or traffic.
  • Homeowners who want a stronger thicker lawn because they have chosen not to use pesticides.

How often?

  • Over seeding should be done every year in order to successfully integrate stronger, healthier, more disease and insect resistant plants into your lawn.
  • Should be done in spring or fall unless adequate irrigation is available regularly.
  • Ask your LawnSavers Plant Health Specialist for their advice.

Process & Germination

  • We broadcast custom blended, specially selected, certified seed mixtures during early spring after the threat of first frost has passed, or in the early fall allowing enough time for seed to become established.
  • Seed must be watered regularly (sometimes 2-3 times per day in order to ensure successful germination.  Heavy and thorough raking by the customer will help to ensure greater seed to soil contact.  If you have bare spots, it is essential that you loosen these area with a hard-tooth rake down at least 1-2 inches to allow better root formation.
  • Perennial Ryegrass will begin to germinate within 7-10 days
  • Kentucky Bluegrass can take up to 28 days to germinate under ideal conditions.
  • Fescues for shade areas can take 10-20 days to begin germination.
  • It is important to note that soil temperatures at 2″ below ground must have reached 58-65 degrees fahrenheit or 15-18 degrees Celsius to achieve the start of germination.  If the soil reaches over 80 degrees, you will not be able to sow seed as it is too hot.

OverSeeding Prices

We include the whole lawn for consistent results!

  • Contact us for custom pricing for your specific lawn size: 905-707-9994 or 416-707-9994
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