Weed Control in Toronto & GTA


Fiesta® Lawn Weed Killer is a versatile, patented product that is ideal for lawn care and:

  • Works quickly delivering visible same-day results.
  • Reduces and controls broadleaf weeds on your lawn.
  • An effective alternative to chemical pesticides
  • Completely odorless, unlike many other herbicides
  • Uses a commonly-used mineral as its active ingredient.
  • In most cases, you can use your yard in a matter of hours, instead of days like traditional herbicides.
  • Rainfast in 3 hours
  • Kills weeds, down to the root
  • Reseed turf after 24 hours
  • Health Canada and The Ontario Ministry of Environment approved it for use in May 2010.
  • Works in relatively cool weather up to 29 degrees Celsius


Here are some of the results we are already seeing. (this product is a stronger, more concentrated and non-diluted form of the same active ingredient in Scott’s Weed-b-gon).


Fiesta Weed Control

24 Hours Later

For 2017, LawnSavers gives you double your weed control with our new ‘Rapid Kill‘ Technology to ensure better results!  We schedule four applications of weed control with each of our programs.  Weed Control is applied to weeds as a blanket spray at first and also on a spot application basis for lawns with fewer weeds.  We blanket apply as required for higher infestations. (Fiesta only works by being applied to an actual weed and does not prevent weeds by applying to grass plants.)

Over time, when combined with our proper fertilizing program we will help give you a healthier, thicker fuller lawn that reduces the overall number of pesky broad leaf weeds in your lawn.   A comprehensive multi-pronged approach including Professional Fertilization, core aeration, certified overseeding, adding compost and insect management will give you the most visible results.

What is in Fiesta® Turf Weed Killer?

The active ingredient in Fiesta® Lawn Weed Killer is iron – a nutrient our bodies need and derived from the natural environment. The iron is chelated (bound to a special carrier molecule) so it is easy to dissolve in water and get into the weed.

Plants need iron too – it’s what makes your lawn (and broccoli and spinach) a deep, rich green. Fiesta though, is too much of a good thing. LawnSaver’s carefully controlled method of application means only broadleaf weeds are affected. The weed’s tissues oxidize and die very quickly, turning the lawn-invading pest dark and dry (sometimes called necrosis).

Our technique ensures your grass does not get a dangerous dose, so any residual Fiesta will just add to the colour of your lawn. Plus, since it is a liquid product, you don’t have to water it after application to get it to work. We spray, it dries, and you can relax.  It is safe for children and pets to go on the lawn right after it dries.

What Types of Weeds Does Fiesta® Kill?

The weeds listed below are ones that are controlled by Fiesta:

  • Black medic (Medicago lupulina)
  • Bull thistle (Cirsium vulgare)
  • Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense)
  • Common chickweed (Stellaria media)
  • Creeping buttercup (Ranunculus repens)
  • Dandelion (Taraxicum officinale)
  • Dovefoot geranium (Geranium molle)
  • English daisy (Bellis perennis)
  • False dandelion (Hypochoeris radicata)
  • Healall (Prunella vulgaris)
  • Moss, liverworts, algae and lichens
  • Persian speedwell (Veronica persica)
  • Shepherd’s-purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris)
  • Silverweed cinquefoil (Potentilla anserina)
  • Slender speedwell (Veronica filiformis)
  • White clover (Trifolium repens)
  • Wild chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)

Where can I buy Fiesta® Weed Control?

Fiesta is not for sale in retail stores like Canadian Tire or Home Depot.  You can only buy Fiesta if you have a license.  Our lawn care programs use Fiesta weed control to help you manage weed issues over several seasons in conjunction with proper mowing & watering.

Why Choose Us?

See what our customers have to say about us on Google:

I’ve been a LawnSavers customers since 2007 for three reasons:

1) They know their stuff.  When I first contacted LawnSavers my grass was a disaster. Grub city amidst a sea of weeds. They were quick to diagnose the problem(s) and very thorough in walking me through their proposed solution. Their knowledge was impressive and helped me understand my own property and the steps required to achieve and maintain a healthy lawn.

2) They get results.  LawnSavers looks at both the short term and long term needs of your lawn in order to achieve the best results possible. Their holistic, all-season approach to maintenance has helped my lawn look better, sooner, and for longer periods of time. The compliments I’ve gotten say it all.

3) They’re good people.  From the maintenance staff through to customer service, the people at LawnSavers are competent, friendly and just plain nice. They clearly care about their customers as people – a rare pleasure these days – which is why LawnSavers has earned my loyalty.

Highly recommended.

More Examples

Right now, our technicians are going all-out to get Fiesta applied on our customers lawns, and not just for dandelions. Fiesta gets results on thistle too, and shows promising effects on stubborn creeping weeds like clover and black medic.

Lawns being lawns, we will still see some weeds around, and severely infested lawns will likely take more than one application to get in shape. A healthy lawn requires a proper regimen of professional care including proper fertilizing, core aeration, overseeding and proactive insect management. This will help a lawn reduce weeds naturally. But we are proud to say we have the single best weed management available in Ontario – and our customers are enjoying its benefits today.

The black medic on this lawn responded really well to Fiesta, but as you can see some of the shoots and leaves are unaffected. The colony has so many separate stems and roots that it is essentially impossible to get them all.

It is the same resistance creeping weeds had to the old chemical controls. The treatment has brought the population of black medic down though, which makes managing them with good cultural practices easier.

Black Medic

This is another patch on the same lawn. There is some discolouration, but this patch did not die right away. Because of this stubbornness in creeping weeds, if the lawn has a lot of them it can take more than one application of Fiesta to reduce their number.

Our programs will reduce weeds over the year and season after season, but we do offer a special weed reduction treatment available to customers who have heavily infested lawns or lawns with stubborn weeds.

Black Medic

The best results we are seeing are on thistle and dandelion.

Once Fiesta has gone to work on your weeds, it is important to keep up your good mowing and watering practices to reduce the chance of new weeds growing.

Dandelion Before Fiesta

Dandelion 96 Hours Later

Dandelion 24 Hours Later

Thistle After Application

  9.2/10 rating with over 300+ reviews

  • john

    I am interested in buying this product, asap
    Please contact me so we can set this up.
    Thankyou John Churchill/ Owner-3 Seasons Landscaping

  • we are interested in buying this product, asap
    Please contact us so we can set this up.
    Thankyou Green Circles Landscaping

  • Dorothy Badner

    Can I obtain and apply this weedkiller myself?

    • Depending on where you live you can purchase a diluted version and apply it yourself, however, the initial testing we have done shows the cost is less to use a company due to the amount of product you would need to use for an average lawn, the multiple applications needed, in addition to the time it takes for you to acquire and apply. We purchase the undiluted version in bulk and have the experience to apply it at the right time of year to achieve the best results.

  • Charles

    I am interested in buying this product, asap
    Please contact me so we can set this up.
    Thank you.

  • Swikii

    I want to quote your post in my blog. I can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  • Dear sir or Madam: Yesterday the lawn care people applied Fiesta weed killer to my lawn. I am upset because they didn’t notify me before hand so I could protect my vegetable patch. Now I am uneasy about eating things out of my vegetable garden. Can you please explain what the dangers are. Thanks

    • You didn’t mention which lawn care company you use. However, our company LawnSavers informs all of our customers the day before we come for any of our scheduled applications with a ‘Courtesy Call Ahead’. We do this to allow you time to clear your lawn of furniture, clean up children’s toys, unlock the gate etc. as well as to provide you the courtesy of knowing that we will be there.
      With any control product, it still needs to be approved through Health Canada and it’s use approved by the Ministry of the Environment. With this approval process, a label is created and what is contained there is the law.
      You can find the label for
      As for Fiesta, the active ingredient is chelated iron. Iron is a micronutrient found naturally in many soils and plants, and it is also used to fertilize many plants including vegetables. Fiesta includes a higher concentration of iron which in simple terms becomes toxic to the plant to kill the weed. It could kill your vegetable plants also if applied directly to them. Fiesta is only allowed to be applied to targeted weeds in a lawn, so I dont think that your lawn care company would apply in your garden. That being said, I would not think you have anything to worry about. If you have additional concerns you should contact the manufacturer Neudorf Canada.

  • Thank-you Kyle for the useful information regarding Fiesta. Now I can enjoy my vegetables with peace of mind.

  • Jim Brunelle

    itake care of about 600 homes seen this product and it works how can i get a hold of it

    • Fiesta is an excellent organic weed control if used as part of a comprehensive healthy lawn care program. J ust like any other product chemical or organic, the key to successful weed management and a thick and healthy lawn is proper fertilization, aeration, overseeding, regular mowing and deep watering to get optimal results. Call us and we can help you with your search for product.

  • Sergey

    Hi Kyle,
    What is the best time of the year to apply Fiesta?

    • The great thing about Fiesta is that it has a wide window of application. Generally if the weed is actively growing, and the temperature is above 5 degrees celsius, it will work. From our experience, multiple applications are the most effective at managing weed populations and the regrowth that sometimes occurs. We have also found that you need to be careful with your formulation if it is too hot on certain days in the summer. Used properly, Fiesta is proving to be a the most effective non-chemical weed management tool. But remember the best weed control is achieved by adding proper nutrients in combination with proper watering and mowing! I cant emphasize that enough!!!!

  • han

    I live in Ottawa. Whould you please tell me where I can get concentrated Fiesta?

    • Thanks for your question.
      In order to buy the concentrated form, you must have an Ontario Pesticide Applicator Licence. Although the product is derived from natural iron, ANY AND ALL products used to kill a pest, no matter how safe they are, (even if they are completely organic and / or natural) still must be approved by Health Canada and applied by Licenced applicators by the Ontario Ministry of Environment.
      One of the main reasons is to prevent plants and insects developing resistance to the products by mis-use and over-use.
      If you are a licenced applicator, email me and i can provide you the name of a reputable supplier.


    I would like to buy fiesta weed killer. Where can I buy it in Ontario Canada
    thank you

  • Jacques blais

    I live in Belleville, Ontario? Can you buy this product your self and spray it. Where can I buy it?


  • Cheryl

    I’m interested in buying this product for our lawn maintenance company, please email me to let me know how much and where it can be picked up.


    • Dufferin LawnLife in Orangeville sells to licenced applicators

  • jeannette brazeau

    i am interested in purchasing fiesta weed contral…Where can i purchase this product in Ontario…closest place to Sudbury, Ontario.?

  • Dean

    How can I purchase this treatment of Fiesta please.

    Thank you


  • Daniel LaFlamme

    Please advise how I may purchase this product.
    Thank you.
    Daniel LaFlamme

    • We do not sell the product, however we do apply the product as part of a comprehensive lawn care program. A properly balanced fertilizer program combined with profesional weed, pest and insect management is essential to a thick , green and healthy lawn with less weeds!

  • Nuala Doherty

    What is fiesta made out of?

  • Hung Ho

    Can i buy Fiesta, and apply to weed by myself ?

  • Sandy Fellows

    Is Fiesta available commercially? How well does it work on sandy soil. Does it kill the plant or just the leaves?

    • The soil type should not affect it’s efficacy.

  • Farida Tavares


    I had the first application of Fiesta by a company yesterday, and would like to know whether it is okay to mow the lawn 24 hours after. I am not sure whether cutting the lawn immediately after will “cut off” the product , if it works from the top down. (Also of importance would be irrigating the lawn within 24 hours)

    Please reply asap


    • It is important to try and leave the product on before mowing for at least 24 hours. It is mainly absorbed through the roots. We still find good results when the lawn is mowed 24 hours later. In addition, the product is rain fast fairly quickly and we have had great results with rainfall in as little as 30-60 minutes afterward.

  • Jana Steward

    What’s wrong with a few dandilions- what is this world coming too!!!!!!

  • sam

    Hi please let me know where i can buy this product in ottawa ontario
    and also i was told that you need a licence is that true please reply

    • Although Fiesta is considered a natural based and approved product under the provincial pesticide ban, it still does require a licence to purchase and spray. It is approved by Health Canada and regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Environment.
      A diluted version of the same active ingredient is found in some garden centres and big box stores but can be quite expensive to apply in quantity. In my biased but still informed opinion, you would be better off to hire a profesional.

  • s.selst

    Another lawn care company sprayed Fiesta on our lawn and now there are large paths of black flat crumbling grass in our back yard. When we complained they said” that is what it is suppose to look like and that the grass will come back.” It is 3 weeks later and it still looks flat and dead. Is fiesta sprayed on the whole lawn usually or just on the weeds? How do we get this company to fix there mistake?

    • This is unfortunately a common effect under drought stressed turf. The good/bad news is, the lawn will come back. The product contains iron and iron is what normally makes a plant have a darker and deeper green appearance, that includes the surrounding grass. The areas most stressed are most likely annual grasses (more on this below).
      Right now in the Greater Toronto Area, lawns that are not irrigated well (deep waterings of 1.5 inches per week), and watered consistently (at least once a week- EVERY WEEK), will be mostly dormant. Lawns simply can not withstand these types of temperatures (30+ deg C/ 86+ deg F) plus the humidity, simply can’t hold up to traffic, and even mowing and regu lar activity. They go dormant to preserve their root system and crown so they can bounce back when more ideal conditions return. Shallow rooted grasses are very prevalent this year due to the wet spring (all grass plants didnt have to work hard to establish deep root systems like they normally do each spring because it was so wet, so they have weak and shallow root systems, bent and poa had ideal conditions and expanded aggressively). Shallow rooted grass are even more prone to browning out and showing signs of environmental and mechanical stresses (like tire tracks from mowing).
      I can not stress enough that homeowners need to water deeply and regularly to reap the rewards of a green and healthy lawn. Mowing should not be calendar based, but rather frequently enough so you are never cutting off more than 1/3 of the blade. Leaving it to grow too high before mowing will only further stress the lawn.
      Your lawn will more than likely recover, but only if you maintain good turf maintenance practices and we get a nice long rain followed by more reasonable summer temperatures.
      Note: Fiesta only works on weeds it touches, so blanket spraying is unnecessary.
      TIP: When bent and annual/rough bluegrass is in its weakened state, you may want to take advantage of this by aggressively raking out the area and seeding it with more ideal grass varieties like certified versions of perennial ryegrass and kentucky bluegrass!

  • Anthony

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to say that the iron-based weed killers are EXCELLENT! I just finished applying weed-b-gone from Home Depot (which probably works the same way as Fiesta since it is iron-based) and my 100+ weeds DISAPPEARED/DIED in the span of 2 days. I have been with Dr. Green for 2 years and they use a product called Sarritor. I don’t mind giving people a second chance. However, I just finished killing all the weeds that they said they would kill for me using Saritor. I called them 3 weeks ago to apply Sarritor and they came a week later. However, since that visit, nothing died that I could see. I don’t see how Dr Green would have messed up the application (sparying weeds isn’t rocket science) so it seems that Saritor simply didn’t do anything. I still had all the weeds. But after I spent 2 hours spraying the weeds 2 days ago – voila they are gone! After they died, my wife asked if I had taken a before/after picture but I hadn’t. If I had known it would work so well I would have posted the pics!

    Now I’m being LAZY… Is there a way for a residential customer to use Fiesta in a wide-field spray? I mean, something like an attachment to the garden hose that will spray a wide area without needing to spray each plant one-at-a-time? Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Fiesta is a concentrated version of the same active ingredient in weed-b-gone. What you buy at home depot is a diluted and ready to use concentrate.
      In our tests, the ready to use version requires about 3 trigger pulls per average sized weed (large weeds require more). The small windex sized bottle only covers between 25-30 weeds, the larger 4L jug sprayed about 130-150 weeds. The average lawn usually has a lot more than that!
      Iron-based weed killers will blacken a weed quickly but you should expect some re-growth, that is a side effect of it working so fast, so you need to spray the re-growth again within about 4 weeks. Some weeds require even more re-sprays before you finally zap their pent up energy in their root system. It is NOT a traditional weed chemical that kills the whole plant down to the roots, and you can NOT expect the same results. It does NOT work on every weed the same, and some will not be controlled. Even with chemicals, it was unreasonable to expect a weed free lawn. A lawn also need to be properly fertilized, mowed regularly and watered deeply each week to ever have a chance at managing the weed population.
      The next biggest difference is the cost, when you factor in the amount of weeds controlled, the amount of product used and the number of times you have to spray, It is far more economical to use a professional like LawnSavers to make your lawn green and Healthy. Plus, what is your time worth in the summer??

  • Deb

    Our lawn care people put fiesta on our lawn 12 days ago. All over the lawn. We now have black spots all over. We are told to water and it will soon disappear. They said it was to get rid of bentgrass. our front lawn was good, had a little clover. Back lawn has vine growing through it. But they didn’t touch that area. What can we do to get the lawn back to healthy looking?

    • Please see my earlier reply at 9:36 am on the 20th. The lawn will recover, it is best to limit Fiesta applications during times of high heat on non-irrigated or drought stressed turf. It certainly will kill bentgrass (which could be a good thing) but you will have to overseed those areas with a better specis of grass. Keep watering deeply, limit activity on the stressed lawn, and hope for a nice long rain and some more reasonable temperatures that are conducive to healthy turf growth.

  • Penny O’Rielly

    I bought a house at the end of June in south Ottawa with both the back and front lawn COVERED in weeds. I’ve never seen such a diverse collection of weeds in a residential lawn – plantain, chickweed, thistle, prickly lettuce, pineapple weed, ragweed yellow clover, some crabgrass and even yarrow. There is a lot of lovely white clover in the year yard which I don’t mind the look and feel of plus it’s good for the soil. In addition, there was a water ban until the end of June which has left most of the grass understandably dormant.

    Usually we are very good at lawn maintenance, doing spring core aeration, overseeding, regular fertilizing and less frequent but regular deep watering. We haven’t had a chance to do anything to this lawn yet and are not even sure where to start. I started to look into Weed-b-Gone but realize this is a job too big to do myself.

    My plan was to core aerate, overseed, treat broadleaf weeds and fertilize sometime in August or September. Then in spring we would core aerate again (very compacted soil), possibly topdress, overseed again and do regular fertilization and water maintenance.

    My question is when would be the best time to have a lawncare company apply the Fiesta? Should I do this first or aerate first. Should I wait until mid-September when the grass starts to come out of dormancy? I want to get things started before the cold but don’t want to waste money on applications that aren’t needed.

    Thanks for all the information you have already provided.

    • Great question Penny, The best advice based on the details provided is to look more at renovation, rather than weed management. If the lawn has very little grass, you are trying to wage a war that you can’t win. Instead try a Horticultural vinegar/Citric acid blend to kill off all the top vegetation, it works quickly! Fall is a great time for lawn renovation because the soil temperatures are very warm and the ambient air temperature is cooler. We also get some help from mother nature with rain.
      Here is LawnSavers Top Secret 11-step lawn renovation plan:
      1. Make sure you have a regular mowing height of 3″ and bag the clippings (not rake- use a a bag attachment for your mower) ( no sense in putting even more seeds out there to work against you).
      2. Spray with Horticultural vinegar on the actively growing weeds; burn off of vegetation should occur within a couple days, (it does not kill the root right away) manually remove any crabgrass seed heads or other weeds in seed.
      3. Wait 1-2 weeks, Spray vegetation killer on any re-growth. Wait 2-3 days Mow LOW to scalp the vegetation down.(bag clippings)
      4. Amend soil with compost (finished compost that is weed-seed free)
      5. Fertilize the lawn with a fertilizer that has a high amount of ‘P’ the 2nd # on the Fertilizer bag NPK (Phosphorus)
      6. Double aerate your lawn
      7. Broadcast spread your Grass Seed with a proper blend for your area with a slit/power seeder. (use a high amount of certified perennial ryegrass combined with other certified seed varieties like Kentucky bluegrass). Powerseeding ensures good seed to soil contact. Certified seed ensures the new grass you grow will be more drought resistant and have better wear tolerance, colour and even resist insect feeding.
      8. Water regularly to keep seed moist (but do not soak). This can take 1-2 weeks for perennial ryegrass and 4-5 weeks before the bluegrass germinates.
      9. Touch up seed as necessary for areas that are not growing in evenly. This is when you can start using Fiesta as a spot spray to manage the weeds that pop up.
      10. Seed again in the Spring when soil temperatures rise.
      11. Continue with a well balanced fertilizing and weed management program; as well as a maintenance program of deep watering and regular and frequent mowing.

      Have fun and get growing!

  • Rick

    Just heard about Fiesta and am extremely interested.
    We operate the Parks Deparment for the Municipality and weed control is a necessary evil in ball parks & soccer fields. It’s hard for the kids to find the ball sometimes in the weeds.
    Would Fiesta be economically fiesable to apply to these situations where the acres are abundant? Can this product be applied with a broad tank srayer to cover acres of grass & weeds, as well as utilizing a hand srayer for controlled areas of smaller scale?
    Fence rows and interlocking brick paths are also unsightly when the grass and weeds take over.
    If this product is as good as you say, I would be getting a couple of employees “certified” for application. I would then have to secure prices for the product for next springs application.


    • I think you have the right idea, but one important thing to note is that it needs to be used as part of an overall plant health care program. You still need to soil test and fertilize your fields appropriately, aerate, seed and topdress when necessary and increase mowing and irrigation. You still need to to do more regular applications of Fiesta to get the best control. Over time, your fields will be much better.
      As for cost, it is expensive in comparison to the products of the past, but you do get results. You can use tank mixes and hand canisters of Fiesta weed control depending on the target and level of infestation. I would not use it on hard surfaces as there is another alternative that is less expensive and kills weedy grasses also.

  • mona sajid

    where can i buy fiesta? we live in milton, ontario.

  • John McOnie

    Is there much regeneration of the weed and how many applications are needed each season.

    • The # of resprays depend on the maturity and age of the weed, as well as the type of weed. Some die and never come back while others take 3-4 applications to fully die.
      Normally regrowth is of a smaller less vigorous weed. That is why it is critically important to fertilize properly and implement good maintenance (deep watering and frequent mowing). It is also important to make sure that when weeds are in seed, you want to bag the clippings instead of spreading the seeds around through mulching.

  • doug

    Where can I get fiesta to buy in Southeastern Pennsylvania ?

    • We are not a re-seller. LawnLife is a distributor in Canada. I’ve passed your email along to them.

  • Rudy

    We look after a property in Mississauga and would like to know where to buy
    This product FIESTA.
    Thanking you in advance

    • Fiesta is sold to professionally licensed applicators only.

  • Brandon Cleland

    Wondering if you know of any companies in the Burlington/Halton area that uses this product? Just purchased a house and the lawn in a frigging nightmare.


    • Hi Brandon Give Jenny a call at LawnSavers and we can help point you in the right direction.
      1-888-503-LAWN (5296)

  • Rocco

    I just came across this site and was wondering where you can purchase fiesta in Ontario? Is a license required to purchase this in concentrate? I have several family members interested so concentrated would probably be cheaper.

    • There are a few suppliers of Fiesta in Ontario, Dufferin Lawn Life is one, as well as JB&D and Plant Products. Yes an Ontario Operators licence is required for Concentrate forms of almost and registered pest control product.

  • Edward G.

    I do not understand why Fiesta would require a license to purchase and everyone can buy Weed B Gone. Sounds like a business ($$$) issue, not a true safety issue.

    • That’s an issue that would be best taken up with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency branch of Health Canada who approves all Pest Control Products for safe use within Canada, Chemical or Organic/Naturally Based. The other body is the Ministry of Environment here in Ontario that regulates the sale and use of all such products.
      I would agree that it has nothing to do with safety.
      If it were a safety issue, the traditional low risk products for weeds, grubs and insects would still be allowed on home lawns, NOT just golf courses, High stature sports fields, and certainly if it were unsafe it would be used by farmers on our food supply… Heck- I just got a new puppy that we rescued, and the product “Imidacloprid” that was formerly used to manage the terrible grub problem in the GTA is recommended an allowed to be used at a much higher concentration then was used on lawns, but it is applied to the nape of her neck so it can enter her blood stream to manage fleas… So it’s safe enough for that???

  • Naresh Bhargava

    I am just wondering where we can buy this and at what price for my lawn. Thanks

    • LawnSavers would be happy to help get your lawn into shape. REMEMBER, The best weed management comes form creating a thick , green, lush and healthy lawn, by providing proper nutrients, aerating, over-seeding etc.; along with providing proper deep watering and frequent mowing at a high height. Weed control sprays are only a tool that is used along the way to achieving a healthy lawn.

  • Elizabeth Sanderson

    How safe is this product for dogs and cats? The lawn care company taking care of our condo property has recently used the Fiesta 29,535. I appreciate any info you can provide. Thanks!

    • The product is simply a chelated form of Iron. According to the manufacturer, Neudorff Canada, The product poses no risk for pets once dry. “People and pets can enter treated area when spray dries.”
      I have not heard of any problems with pets whatsoever.

  • Stephen

    Why not just make wine and food from the dandilions instead?

    They taste fine…

    • That’s great if that’s what you like. Most people don’t care to make Wine or salads with dandelions, however thistles really kind of hurt (a lot) when you chew them!

  • dl

    The only weed that FIESTA can kill, if applied properly is dandelions. I have tried three companies that all use FIESTA and it barely makes a difference. I wouldn’t bother wasting anymore money on FIESTA….

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, we’ve had great success with the most common weeds like dandelion, thistle and even clover. However, you cant expect the same results as traditional products. it has a completely different mode of action and takes several sprays before the weed begins to die and disappear. the maturity and age of the weed also makes a big difference. It will not be effective on creeping charlie or wild violet.

      Our company has several years of experience now and is still developing better ways of using this weed killer more effectively. We’ve seen great results!

  • Mary MacDonald

    I cut a tree last summer and planted seed which didn’t take. Mustard did tho! When should Fiesta be applied- BEFORE grass seed or after? If Fiesta goes down first- how long do l need to wait to plant grass seed?

    • What type of tree was it? If it was a fruit tree or an evergreen, it may possibly contribute to the difficulty in establishing turf grass in that area.
      How old was it?
      Fiesta can be applied before trying to establish new turf in order to ‘clean-up’ the area and prepare it for new turf with less competition from weeds or weed grasses.
      Be sure to loosen the top 1″ of soil before sowing seed, and then keep it moist(not soaked) until established.
      You should not apply Fiesta to newly seeded areas until it has been up, and mowed at least twice!
      You can sow seed safely after 24 hours of a Fiesta application.
      Always check the label for instructions!

  • Dave

    this stuff is junk. Had the first application not but 10 days ago, it killed nothing. Made a few weeds wither for a day, but did not kill them. Junk, Junk Junkn Useless junk, a waste of ones money.

    • You’re right- one application is useless. Repeated applications (usually 3-4) is what is required to kill a susceptible weed. Some weeds like violet and creeping charlie require double that to get any affect at all.
      If you went to the gym once and didn’t have a chiseled physique the next day, would you blame the gym or trainer?

  • Lynn

    I heard of fiesta how can kill broadleaf and clover. We have clovers and broadleaf problem in our backyard and everyday going backyard trying to remove clovers and bradleaf by hand but cannot control it, Can you please help and advise as to where can I buy Fiesta as I heard can remove these two problems or how can I tackle to remove them quickly have it under control before spreading more. I just dug up an area with tonnes of clover and broadleaf problem and putting down new sod, hope to remove them. Any help you can provide or where I can buy Fiesta is greatly appreciated. I live in Stouffville, Ontario. Many thanks, Lynn

  • Kirby

    Where can I buy this product asap?

    • Fiesta is not available in stores in the concentrated form. It is only available for professional use.

  • nino antolini

    used weed be gone its a joke. never tried feista. would like to here from somebody that did thanks

    • That’s probably because you used it “once”. Its VERY important to apply the treatment multiple times to a weed to get the proper kill.
      – Young weeds die much quicker with less re-treatments.
      – Older, more mature weeds can require as many as 4-5 applications to fully die (but they will return smaller and weaker each time they are sprayed)
      – Some weed species will not be affected (Plantain, Creeping Charlie, Violet)
      – Certain weeds respond/die easier in different weather and different times of the season.

      Fiesta is normally a much higher concentration of Iron and you will tend to get better results.
      HOWEVER- you must remember that proper weed control is achieved by many factors. Proper mowing and watering in conjunction with a quality fertility program are essential to reduce weeds in your lawn!

  • Jeff


    I have one more application of Fiesta weed control on my lawn. When can I overseed my lawn? Is it ok to overseed my lawn prior to the application or do I have to wait x amount of days after the application before I overseed my lawn?


    • Its great to over-seed in the fall with warm soil temperatures, plenty of dew to keep the seed moist and lower air temperatures.
      This all combines to get great germination and turfgrass established.

      Over-seeding is an important component of successful weed management (plus fertilizing, proper mowing and watering)

      Normally you need to wait to spray grass with most weed management products until after the 2nd mowing.

      Unless your lawn is infested with weeds, generally we can spot spray the weeds only.
      It’s important to communicate with your lawn care provider to ensure our efforts are in alignment and we are working together.

  • could you tell me where i can buy fiesta or who i can get to do it i live in bobcaygeon ont ,please e mail me tks

    • Unfortunately we do not yet service your area.
      I will email you some contact information for a reputable source in your area.

  • Sammy

    Would you tell me where can I buy it, I live in Windsor, Ontario.

    • You require a licence to buy Fiesta. If you have a licence, I would check with the manufacturer Neudorff Canada for a local distributor.

  • Dave Dobson

    I have my own tow behind sprayer and would like to obtain some Fiesta for my lawn. Could you inform me how and where to purchse some
    Thank you
    Dave D.

    • Dave, you would require an exterminators licence in Ontario in order to purchase the product. (Ontario government rules) The product we use is a commercial product, not available for sale to the public.

  • Sk

    HI there,

    I aerated and reseeded the lawn by myself on may 15th and then on the 25th of May a lawn technician from another company came and applied fiesta weed reducer. Will this kill my non germinated grass seeds? If so, should i re seed after a week?


    • LawnSavers

      There isn’t a straight answer I can provide, because ‘it all depends’.
      The issue is whether or not the seed had germinated already before being sprayed.
      The label states: You can seed 24 hours after you have applied Fiesta. After you overseed, we recommend what is stated on the label; “Do not apply to newly seeded areas until four or more weeks after grass seedlings have emerged”.
      Certain grasses can be sprayed earlier, like perennial ryegrass, but always best to wait until a mowing or two has been coompleted.
      all seeds gernitae at different intervals with perennial rygrass being the fastest (as early as 1 week), and kentucky bluegrass around 14-21 days.
      If you are overseeding, the chances of the product working its way past the grass to the location of the seed (at the soil level) is slim, therefore it shouldnt affect seed that isn’t germinating yet.
      In our expereince, lightly sprayed un-germinated seed, hasn’t experienced any adverse affect either.

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