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LawnSavers Lawn Care Service lives in Vaughan too!  So if you are in need of a top-notch lawn maintenance service near you, look no further than the lawn care experts at LawnSavers.  We are located at Langstaff and Jane and have been in this neighbourhood for almost 20 years

Lawn Care Services We Offer Near You In Vaughan:

We have three great lawn care programs that help to keep Vaughan lawns Green & Healthy including our most popular and effective program called the Protector Package.  To help your lawn recover from the ravages of variable weather and climate conditions, whether its summer heat and drought or the compacting effect on soils by the record rains and other ups and downs, I recommend our Protector Package for peace of mind coverage and the BEST VALUE! It includes better-than-golf-course, organic based Fertilization, Fiesta weed killer, our exclusive No-Mess No Mess Liquid Aeration, Soil Enhancers, Chinch bug management, pH Soil testing and a FREE Kelp Revitalizer.  Compost and Grub Treatments can be added with great savings exclusive to our customers.  As grass experts, our approach to Integrated Pest Management is key to sustain healthy landscapes.

weed control VaughanThe best weed control is a well nourished and healthy lawn.  With ongoing research we have fine tuned a product called Fiesta® that became the cornerstone of our weed management program since 2010 and provides even better results with precisely targeted weed control applications!  The biggest advantage is that Fiesta requires no watering to be effective, and it can be applied in a wide range of temperatures up to 28 Deg C, on nearby Vaughan lawns. It also is more effective on a wider variety of broad-leaved weeds when part of a comprehensive healthy lawn program. Still, a healthy, thick lawn is your best defense! Other Products like Sarritor, Beet Juice and Corn Gluten are simply not as effective and serve only to marginally fertilize your lawn and weeds at best.

Also, adding our Custom Over-Seeding to your Aeration visit will introduce your lawn to much hardier varieties of seed that are bred to withstand higher temperatures, need less water, and resist insects like chinch bug!

I recommend watering once per week for about 1.5 hours in each area.

Chief Lawn Expert

Call or email us today to find out why LawnSavers has been voted best lawn care service for 16+ years running! Thank you Vaughan for making us your favorite lawn care provider!

If you live in Vaughan or nearby, you may not be aware that even during a water restriction phase, there are usually times that you can still water your lawn effectively. A healthy lawn only needs 1-1.5 inches of water each week.

LawnSavers takes the work out of this for you: visit our water ban information page.

Why Choose Us to Take Care of Your Lawn?

LawnSavers is proud to offer the same lawn care services for in Vaughan that won us the the award  for “Consumers Choice” Best Lawn Care Company in the GTA for the past 11 years including 2024! We’ve been serving Vaughan for many years now and are taking care of customers one at a time with a high level of care and commitment.  Contact us for a quote today.

Vaughan Weed Control

We have the most experience in organic lawn care and natural lawn care that gets results.  We utilize natural weed management products as well as insect management tools that achieve results by being proactive.

The best weed control is a well-nourished lawn.   With ongoing research we have found a product called Fiesta® that with the right adjuvants and application techniques for became the cornerstone of our weed management program.  The biggest advantage is that Fiesta does not require watering to be effective, and it can be applied in a wide range of temperatures on Vaughan’s lawns.  It also is more effective on a wider variety of broad-leaved weeds when part of a comprehensive healthy lawn program.

The Province passed an Ontario wide ban on traditional pesticides back on April 22nd 2009.  LawnSavers has been at the forefront of natural lawn care since our inception and is the best equipped company to deal with these restrictions so that you see visible results.

Our experience and exclusive product selection deals with all of the typical problems in Vaughan from dandelions to grubs and chinch bugs.  We can give you a green & healthy lawn without the worry.
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Common Lawn Issues

Typical lawn issues in Vaughan are focused around the poor quality of the soil that builders have placed in new subdivisions in an effort to build houses quickly.  A healthy lawn requires 8″ of high quality loam top soil.  In most situations, this is not the case.  This can be remedied by adding natural nutrients that are missing back into the soil with organic based fertilizers, core aeration, topdressing with top quality compost and sand mixtures and overseeding with custom blended top quality seed.  Regular maintenance is key in order to achieve a healthy lawn that resists weeds, chinch bugs, white grubs and other common lawn threats.

Our products are completely safe for children, pets, families and the environment.

Vaughan, ON Watering Restrictions And Expert Advice

The City of Vaughan has indicated that outdoor water use is allowed from May 15-September 30 with the following restrictions:

  • Even numbered street addresses are restricted to watering on even numbered calendar days and odd numbered street addresses are restricted to watering on odd numbered calendar days.
  • Lawn watering is allowed in the morning between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., and in the evening between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. on any permitted calendar day.
  • For industrial, commercial and institutional properties, watering is restricted to a maximum period of three hours between midnight and 7 a.m. on any permitted calendar day.
  • There is a four-week grace period for new sod and seed.

Unlike other areas in the GTA – water restrictions are not voluntary in Vaughan. Vaughan’s summer water restrictions can make maintaining a lush lawn a real challenge, especially during scorching weeks. The reduced watering window stresses your lawn, making it vulnerable to disease, pests, and heat damage. But fear not, Vaughanites! With a few tweaks to your watering routine, you can keep your grass green and healthy all summer long.

  • Deeper and Less Frequent Watering is Key
    • Instead of frequent shallow sprinklings, give your lawn a good, deep soak less often. This encourages deeper root growth, making your lawn more resilient to dry spells. Aim for one inch of water per week, applied slowly to allow for proper absorption.
  • Rain Barrels to the Rescue!
    • Invest in a rain barrel to collect precious rainwater. Use this free, natural resource to keep your flowerbeds, gardens, and shrubs hydrated during dry periods. Every drop counts in Vaughan!
  • Start Strong, Finish Strong
    • A healthy lawn entering the dry season is much easier to maintain than trying to revive a parched patch. Proper spring and early summer care, including aeration, dethatching, and fertilizing, sets your lawn up for success in the heat.

Expert Help for a Worry-Free Lawn

Let Vaughan’s lawn care professionals take the guesswork out of maintaining a healthy lawn under water restrictions. We offer:

  • Professional Knowledge: We understand Vaughan’s specific watering regulations and best practices for water-efficient lawn care.
  • Time-Saving Convenience: We handle fertilizing, pest control, and other non-mowing/cutting maintenance tasks, freeing up your time and eliminating the need to store chemicals and equipment.
  • Expert Advice: We recommend drought-resistant plants, watering strategies, and other water-saving solutions tailored to your Vaughan lawn.

Best Lawn  Pest Defense in Vaughan

The top lawn pests to watch out for in Vaughan, ON, will depend on the time of year, but here are some of the most common culprits you might encounter:

Spring and Summer:

  • Grubs: These white larvae of Japanese beetles and other scarabs feed on the roots of your grass, causing brown patches and dead spots. They are most active in late spring and early summer.
  • Sod webworms: These small, cream-colored caterpillars feed on the leaves of your grass, leaving behind a thin layer of webbing. They are most active in hot, humid weather.
  • Chinch bugs: These black and white bugs suck the juices out of your grass, causing it to yellow and die. They are most active in hot, dry weather.
  • Ants: While not always harmful to your lawn, ants can create unsightly mounds and be a nuisance. They are most active in warm weather.

Fall and Winter:

  • Field mice: These small rodents can damage your lawn by eating grass and burrowing underground. They are most active in the fall and winter.
  • Voles: These larger rodents are similar to field mice but cause more extensive damage to your lawn through tunnelling through thatch. They are also most active in the fall and winter, right after snow melt.

If you notice damage, or see changes to your lawn that you’re not sure how to address – our team of experts can come and diagnose the issue and discuss solutions.

Soil Composition in Vaughan and How it Impacts Your Lawn

The soil composition in Vaughan, ON, can vary depending on location and past land use but the dominant soil in the area is referred to as the Clay loam and is a common soil type in the area, characterized by:

  • Deep, poorly drained, and slowly permeable: meaning water takes longer to soak in and can lead to puddles.
  • Loamy alluvial and colluvial sediments: composed of silt, clay, sand, and organic matter in varying proportions.
  • Moderately acidic to moderately alkaline pH: affecting nutrient availability for plants.

You can also expect to see sandy and clay loams in the area – characterized by different draining rates and lower in nutrients.  You may also find some humus-rich soils which are very rich in organic matter and nutrients, but are found in low-lying areas that might be more prone to flooding.

This can impact lawn care in a variety of ways.  Poor drainage can lead to problems like fungal diseases and root rot.  You may consider choosing drought-tolerant grass varieties and aerating the soil to improve drainage.  We can analyze your soil and make recommendations if you’re replacing or planting grass this spring. The pH of your soil affects nutrient availability. We can test your soil’s pH and amend it if necessary to optimize for your chosen grass type.  Nutrients may be deficient so testing the soil is the best way to determine which nutrients to add.  Ultimately watering is impacted by your soil drainage.  Sandy soils dry out faster than clay soils, and hot weather increases the need for water.

Why Choose LawnSavers, A Canadian-owned Company Near Toronto?

Canadian-owned LawnSavers has dominated the Greater Toronto Area lawn care scene, consistently achieving top ratings across various platforms. They’ve been voted the “Top Lawn Maintenance Company of the GTA” for an impressive 7 years in a row by the Top Choice Awards. HomeStars recognizes them as the “Best of” in the Lawn Care Category for the GTA, including 2024. LawnSavers’ dedication to customer care is evident in their 11 consecutive Consumer Choice Awards for Best Lawn Care Service in the GTA.  With a stellar 9.2/10 rating and over 625+ reviews on HomeStars, LawnSavers is a clear front-runner for trusted lawn care services by a Canadian-owned family company in the Toronto area.

What Our Clients Say:

Here’s what Phil from Vaughan had to say about us on HomeStars:

“I was with LawnSavers a few years back. I’ve tried several other company’s and my lawn was getting worse every year. So in 2020 I decided to go with LawnSavers again. My wife was very happy I did. No more weeds.”

Rating: 10/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Also, check out our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that shows we’ll work with you to do whatever it takes to make your lawn beautiful.

We have an average rating of 4.6/5 in our 625+ HomeStars Reviews.

Or read more of our Vaughan lawn care service reviews on our testimonials page.