Tree & Shrub Monitoring Program

Tree & Shrub Monitoring Program


  • Protects your valuable landscape trees and shrubs by preventing insect problems from occurring or getting out of hand.


Our Tree and Shrub Management Program incorporates the principles of Integrated Pest Management. We will monitor your plant’s health three times per year and treat any insect problems as necessary including a mandatory early spring or winter dormant oil treatment. Our Plant Health Specialist will recommend services and make comments on their condition and provide maintenance instructions.

Who needs it?

  • Customers whose plants have historically suffered from insects such as magnolia or spruce trees. Your trees are expensive, Ensure their health!
  • Customers whose plants or trees are not growing to their potential.
  • Want to maintain plant health and prevent potential problems from getting out of hand or eventual death and loss of valuable trees and shrubs.

How often?

  • Performed by a specially trained LawnSavers Plant Health Specialist.
  • Dormant oil treatment is done in either early Spring and/or early Fall depending on the Specialists recommendations.
  • Dormant Oil cannot be done after buds break open in the Spring.


  • 3 Plant Evaluation visits include dormant oil and insect controls (as necessary)


  • Starts at $79.95 per visit (x3) for a full program depending on the number of plants.