How to Get Rid of Creeping Charlie

Learn The Best Info On How to Get Rid of Creeping Charlie

creeping charlie plant close up lawnsavers lawn careThe best way to get rid of Creeping Charlie without killing your grass and controlling it is to kill it at the roots with your locally available non-selective vegetation control. Home remedies such as vinegar won’t do much to the roots, but will control top growth. The problem with creeping charlie weeds (and wild violet) is that it is very difficult to control and will grow back right through a seeding job or sod, until it is killed off completely.

Extra weed control can help with some stubborn weeds BUT REMEMBER, not all weeds are controlled with Fiesta® (creeping Charlie and violet, for example, are NOT) they will require several applications every year to “manage” it- the idea is it keep it in a weakened state so that turfgrass has a fighting chance against it, in order to try and crowd them out.

What Does Creeping Charlie Look Like?

Creeping Charlie can be identified by its round to reniform (kidney or fan-shaped), crenate (with round toothed edges) opposed leaves 2–3 cm (0.79–1.18 in) diameter, on 3–6 cm (1.2–2.4 in)long petioles attached to square stems which root at the nodes. Like crabgrass, creeping charlie’s root has a ball that can be difficult to get rid of in lawns. It is a variable species, its size being influenced by environmental conditions, from 5–50 cm (2.0–19.7 in) tall.

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How to Kill Creeping Charlie Without Killing Grass

creeping-charlie-plantOne of the most important factors is proper mowing and regular watering of your lawn. It’s important to remember that Creeping Charlie weeds:

  • Thrive in moist, shady areas but will also grow in hot Ontario sun
  • Is a low growing perennial weed, and is a member of the mint family

Annual aeration of your lawn is recommended to reduce compaction and encourage desired turf growth. This will help your grass fight against the Creeping Charlie and give you a better chance of getting rid of this pesky weed.

Is Fiesta® Weed Control Effective at Killing Creeping Charlie?

Fiesta is somewhat effective at managing creeping weeds like creeping charlie in Ontario lawns, however, it takes multiple applications over several visits (and performed annually), to see measurable results in dealing with creeping charlie in your lawn the application of the weed control will not be effective without proper mowing and watering practices. It is best to apply Fiesta as a fine mist to better cover Creeping Charlie’s overlapping leaves. You will need a min. 3-4 Fiesta treatments to see results. (but not eradication)

An effective application will result in discoloration and “tattering” of the leaf edges.  Re-growth is expected.  This weed spreads using “runners” at the soil’s surface (which cannot be sprayed). Runners retain energy and stimulate new growth in thin areas throughout the lawn.  For this reason, grass seeding of thin/bare areas is essential in preventing the spread of Creeping Charlie.  A lime soil conditioner application may help reduce creeping Charlie where there is a pH problem present.

Is Ground Ivy Creeping Charlie?

Yes, “Creeping Charlie” is also known as “ground ivy.” It’s also commonly known as gill-over-the-ground, alehoof, tunhoof, catsfoot, field balm, and run-away-robin. It is also sometimes known as creeping jenny.

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