5 Outdoor Christmas Decorating Tips to get the Professional look!

The Holiday Season sneaks up fast.  Try these 5 tips to amp up your decorative display (without the wattage)!:

1. Invest in Commercial quality LED lights: There is simply no reason not to.  They come in a wide array of colours including the classic ‘warm white’ that matches the colour of an incandescent bulb.  And even more, they use up to 97% less electricity, last a long, long time and are very difficult to break. That equals less frustration and great for the environment.

2. Don’t take the easy route on roof-lines: A professional look is easily achieved by using large, bright, LED C9 bulbs spaced properly every 12″.  Make sure each and every roof line is covered perfectly including cutbacks (don’t make your house 2 dimensional).  Ensure the bulbs are spaced evenly and symmetrical.  Custom fit the lengths to avoid trails of light where no roof line exists.  Make sure peaks are highlighted with a bulb right at the top.  If its too high, you can rent a lift or 40′ ladder.

3. Tree Wrapping: well-done trees add impact! Certain trees call for different lighting methods.  The most impact comes from the 2 most popular ways; Spiral/ Canopy Wrapping encircles the whole tree, while Trunk & Branch Wrapping line the main branches of the tree to emphasize its structure.  Mix it up, but make sure you have enough light on each tree with out going overboard!

4. Don’t skimp on garlands and wreaths: Thin, limp garland reeks of DIY. Find a thick garland with a blend of greenery for that life-like look. Make sure its at least 12-14″ wide and use fresh pine cones, berry sprays and large bows to dress it up.  It normally comes in 9′ pieces, but you can connect pieces together to accurately fit your doors and adequately wrap your pillars.  Don’t let it look like you ran out before the project was complete. Anything less than a 42″ wreath placed over 10 feet high on a house gets swallowed up and disappears!

5. Balance: Frame your beautifully lit house by lighting trees to the left and right, near and far.  Pay attention to depth perception by choosing trees closer to the road as well as up against the house.  If you have greenery adorning your front doorway or under a dark portico, add LED mini-lights to  brighten up the garland and make your entrance inviting.  Consider a large wreath placed further away for balance.

5 1/2 . Be safe so you can pour yourself  a nice glass of cheer, then turn the regular house lights OFF to show off your professional skills!