Frequent mowing is critical right now

The wet wet weather we are having is making greenery grow extremely well in the GTA right now. This is a two-sided coin though, because lawns can get overgrown and dandelions and other weeds are growing well too.

The simple fix for both is mow your lawn every five to seven days, and bag the clippings during this time!

Dandelions spread when their yellow flowers turn into puffy white seed heads. Cutting off those flowers and bagging them keeps those seeds from growing new dandelions on your lawn and makes the weed waste the energy it spent growing the flower.

If your lawn has grown really tall with the rain, long clippings would be leftover when you mow.  Long pieces of cut grass break down slowly and can build up as thatch, eventually making a barrier to water and nutrients and choking the lawn. So if the lawn has grown well past its healthy two and three quarters inches to three inches height it is better to bag the clippings and not return them to the lawn.

Our full program customers have also begun receiving applications of Fiesta® liquid weed management to help keep weed populations under control, and over seeding treatments to get more and better grass growing to prevent weeds from growing in the first place.

There is still time to get the full benefit of one of our programs, just call or email for more details!