GTA Watering alert!

We are finding lawns that are suffering acute drought stress. This whole spring has been terribly dry, and the heat and wind is only making it worse. The rain that is expected this week is welcome, but it just is not enough.
Large patches of many lawns are browning out, especially those with bentgrass in them. Even some of our clients who have in-ground sprinklers are having trouble keeping up.
I’m finding a  lot of lawns and grass in public places that don’t pass the step test.
Try it yourself. Take a step onto your lawn, then step off again. If the grass doesn’t bounce back right away and you can still see your foot print, it needs water.
Your lawn needs an inch and a half of water every week. Detailed instructions are on the LawnSavers website.
Whether you choose one day to water, or water a different section each morning, providing this basic need to your grass is absolutely crucial.
If a lawn is not being watered, nothing your LawnSavers technician can do will get your lawn into good shape.