Birch Treatment

Birch Tree Treatment


Our Birch Treatment is a specific service targeted for all varieties of Birch trees. Birch trees typically suffer from major insect problems such as leaf miner, aphids, plant bug, birch catkins and bronze birch borer, that if left untreated will eventually kill or severely disfigure this otherwise beautiful specimen tree.

Who needs our Birch Tree Treatment Service?

Are you someone who enjoys the beauty of birch trees and wants to keep them around for years to come? If your answer is “Yes,” then you’ll definitely need our Birch Tree Treatment service.

Some tell-tale signs that your birch trees are in need of a health check are brown spots on leaves during the growing season, ribbing (protrusions) underneath the bark, dripping from the leaves to the ground underneath, or easily disturbed bugs when walking near or underneath the tree.

How often should Birch Trees be treated?

We recommend getting the treatment done ideally in early-Spring, before the buds fully break open. However, treatments can be done throughout the growing season depending on the pest. Injection Treatments are usually performed once a year and should be done EVERY year! Spray treatments are added as needed, based on pest infestation levels. Want to know more? Fill out the lead form at the bottom of this page and one of our Customer Success Advisors will call you to discuss further.

What are the Benefits of Birch Tree Treatment?

Our Birch Tree Treatment is like a shield for your birch trees. It helps protect your tree by transporting the treatment into the leaf area where the pesky insects cause damage. This not only preserves the tree’s beauty but significantly reduces your chances of losing your birch tree to pests.

What’s the Process for Birch tree Treatments?

We perform a special trunk injection treatment or a soil drench in early spring before the buds break. The product is then transported by the sap into the areas that the insects tend to damage.

How much does Birch Tree Treatment cost?

We aim to keep our services affordable, and the pricing for Birch Tree Treatment starts from $99.95 for one tree up to 10″ dbh. Multi-stem birch trees are quoted separately. Remember, your green dreams are an investment, not a cost!

At LawnSavers, we’re committed to making our customers say “WOW” with our services. We proudly service the Greater Toronto area, from Whitby (Durham Region) to Oakville (Peel Region), and the city of Toronto north, including York Region up to Barrie.

Don’t let pests ruin your love for birch trees. Fill out the lead form to the right of this page, and let’s start a partnership to keep your birch trees healthy and thriving!