Birch Treatment

Birch Tree Treatment


Our Birch Treatment is a specific service targeted for all varieties of Birch trees. Birch trees typically suffer from major insect problems such as leaf miner, aphids, plant bug, birch catkins and bronze birch borer, that if left untreated will eventually kill or severely disfigure this otherwise beautiful specimen tree.

Who needs it?

  • Customers who have birch trees they would like to keep and enjoy for years to come!
  • If they typically have brown spots on leaves during the growing season, or ribbing (protrusions) underneath the bark. You may also notice dripping from the leaves to the ground underneath, or bugs that are easily disturbed when walking near or underneath the tree.

How often?

  • Ideally early-Spring before the buds fully break open. (treatments can be done throughout the growing season depending on the pest.) Call for more information
  • Injection Treatments normally performed once a year and should be done EVERY year!  Spray treatments as warranted by pest infestation levels.


  • Protects your Birch tree by transporting it into the leaf area where the insects do their damage.
  • Reduces your chances of losing your Birch tree.


  • Special trunk injection treatment and or soil drench in early spring before buds break.
  • The product is than transported by the sap into the areas that the insects do their damage.


Starts at:

  • From $99.95 for one tree up to 10″ dbh
  • Multi-stem birch trees quoted separately