Granular Top Dressing

Granular Top Dressing


Our Top Dressing service will help to thicken lawns and help to repair small bare spots on your lawn caused by insect or animal damage as well as help to thicken up those areas that are really thin and not looking there best.

Who needs it?

  • Customers who have had raccoon or skunk damage caused by animals digging in their lawn.
  • Customers with small bare spots caused by mild to moderate insect and grub damage.
  • Customers who have a generally thin lawn.

How often?

  • Top dressing should be done in Spring before the weather gets too hot and to take advantage of the moist Spring conditions.
  • Alternatively, top dressing can be done in early fall depending on the weather and/oraccess to irrigation.
  • Ask your LawnSavers Plant Health Care Expert for their advice.


  • Repairs bare and muddy areas while reducing the chance of weeds invading your thin lawn.
  • Your professionally fertilized lawn will naturally try to fill in bare patches on its own, however top dressing expedites the process.
  • The result is a greener thicker lawn –Sooner!


  • Customers should rake bare areas to loosen the soil profile to 1″ depth. We spread 1/4”- 1/3” layer of our specially blended Organics “Finished” Compost,  & clean up.
  • We highly recommend aerating first and mowing the lawn extra short just before we topdress (this time only please!)
  • This is also the opportune time to combine our custom blended seed for lawns that have bare spots or a thin appearance. (you can substantially increase the germination of seed by improving seed to soil contact.)


Starting at:

  • $190.00 for up to 1000 square feet.
  • $520.00 for up to 4000 square feet.


Topdressing is a proven maintenance practice in the golf course industry resulting in commercial and residential lawn application. Good results are realized when a thin layer of topdressing material is applied over an established lawn area in conjunction with aeration. Reseeding of the area often follows. This process improves soil drainage, increases water-holding capacity of the soil, reduces soil compaction and helps improve the degradation of thatch.  Mixing sand in the topdressing improves penetration of the thatch.

LawnSavers Organics Lawn Dressing is a unique formula, consistent in both its chemical and physical characteristics. The product is milled & screened to 1/2” minus producing a product with an easy to handle texture, free of foreign objects with no objectionable odors and is complimented by the extra fertility bonus. The composted organics that make up LawnSavers Organics Lawn Dressing is loaded with a natural source of N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium). One application will provide a generous supply of essential nutrients and the general visual quality of the lawn is generally increased significantly! The general recommendation for best results is one application in the spring and another in the fall at a rate of a 1/4” to 1/3” layer (3/4 cubic yard of lawn dressing per thousand square feet of lawn), based on the condition of the lawn.  Our machine brushes the material into the lawn.  Using LawnSavers Organics Lawn Dressing helps achieve the ideal physical soil conditions while adding natural fertility in proportionate amounts.

LawnSavers Organics Lawn Dressing is produced using advanced composting technology. Starting with a properly balanced mixture of nitrogen and carbon materials from controlled livestock operations the process is monitored for temperature, moisture and oxygen. Optimum composting conditions insure that temperatures are reached in the process to kill weed seeds and harmful pathogens. An average of 90 days is required from start to finish of this high quality product and is followed by additional processing to arrive at the final topdressing material. Third party, accredited labs conduct the industry standard analysis insuring that guidelines set out by the Canadian Council of the Ministry of the Environment (CCME) are met.

LawnSavers Organics Lawn Dressing Benefits:

  • Contains high organics content
  • Decreases thatch
  • Increases the effectiveness of fertilizers
  • Provides slow release of macro nutrients
  • Natural slow release of organic N (nitrogen) makes for a safe fertilizer option
  • Longer periods between watering is possible
  • Improved draught tolerance
  • Overall plant vigor is improved
  • Improves plant root structure
  • Nutrients are held in the root zone for a longer period
  • Helps suppress plant diseases and soil pests
  • Increases beneficial microbe population
  • Improves soil structure
  • Increase soil health and natural condition
  • Increases drainage in dense soils
  • Increases micro-nutrients
  • Increases soil aeration
  • Reduces erosion and leaching
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Helps form soil aggregates
  • Increases in CEC (cation exchange capacity), ties up heavy metals


LawnSavers lawn care professionals using the LawnSavers Organic Lawn Dressing have been applying at an average rate of 3/4 cubic yard  per 1000 square feet of lawn;  Rates will vary based on condition of lawn and soil. Do not over apply. It has been suggested by these same professionals that one spring and one fall application provides best results. To avoid any chance of “burning” it is recommended to apply the product evenly and to liberally water the lawn after the lawn dressing application in order to dilute the soluble salts that naturally occur in composted manure.


Composting of our special refined compost material takes place on a large scale, certified compost facility located in Southern Alberta. The composting feedstock is placed in windrows and “turned” with an industry specific windrow turner on a regular basis throughout the 60 -90 day composting process. Harmful pathogens and objectionable odors are reduced to near undetectable levels in the composting process reaching temperatures of 155 degrees F.

Once the compost is mature in the windrow it is placed into a stockpile to cure for another 30 days. The cured compost is now non-toxic and a stable source of natural nutrients and soil conditioners.

A state-of-the-art bagging facility located on the composting site provides the full blending and packaging of the final lawn dressing product. Each of the lawn dressing components are placed in its’ own hopper and metered out in the required portion. An integrated system of blending and milling/grinding produces the final product which is measured by volume (50 litres) into poly bags. The bags are sealed and an automated system loads them on a pallet at a preset number of bags per skid. The pallet of product is finished with a durable poly hood and double stretch wrap. Pallets are now ready for shipping to LawnSavers Head Office to be used on your lawn.