LawnSavers Package

LawnSavers Package

LawnSavers provides “Lawns You Can Live On” TM

The LawnSavers Package is our Basic program with Double the Weed Control and FREE Kelp Strengthening treatment for Chinch bug damage to keep your lawn green & healthy.  It includes:

5 VISIT PROGRAM (11 services)

  • Spring Ultra Slow-release Premium Polyon™ Granular Fertilizer
  • Summer Ultra Slow-release Premium Polyon™ Granular Fertilizer
  • Fall Nutrient Booster
  • Spring Application of FIESTA Weed Management* 
  • + BONUS Soil & Root INVIGORATOR™
  • Fall Application of FIESTA Weed Management* (applied spring & Fall when weeds are present to try and help reduce the overall incidence of weeds on your lawn.  Our overall comprehensive program is the best way to ensure a green, thick & healthy lawn with less weeds!)
  • 2 EXTRA applications of FIESTA Weed Management
  • FREE Chinch Bug Inspection
  • FREE Kelp STRENGTHENING Bio-Stimulant Treatment for Chinch Bug Damage (with prepayment)
  • FREE Plant Health Check on each visit
  • One FREE Service Call
  • FREE pH soil testing upon request or when a problem is suspected
  • AIR MILES™ reward miles

5 VISITS & up to 11 services starting at only $40.00 per visit*
* (for up to 1000 sq. ft. of actual lawn area)

LawnSavers Package Customers receive 15% off Aeration & Full lawn OverSeeding for a thicker healthier lawn!
& EARN BONUS AIR MILES with your purchase!

* Applied in accordance within IPM guidelines, provincial and local by-laws. Program services may be altered or substituted to comply with provincial regulations and developments in organic & traditional technologies that provide for more effective control. Management is defined as the holistic processes employed to control the incidence and numbers of weeds & turf damaging pests in order to promote a thicker, healthier and greener lawn.  Total weed and crabgrass control is neither reasonable nor practical to expect under new laws.  Our Organic & Natural alternatives will provide a Thick, Green & Healthy lawn that you will love, Guaranteed, as long as we work together.