Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips

Use Rain Barrels

Install them at the end of your downspouts to collect natural rainwater. Plants prefer natural warm rain water over treated city water.

Control Insects Naturally

Control the insect population by installing bird houses or bat boxes to curb the amount of unwanted flying insects around your property.  Unscented dish soap mixed in a water spray bottle is an excellent natural pesticidal plant spray to reduce unwanted soft bodied insects.

Mulch Your Beds

2 inches of mulch naturally retains moisture, offers a neat appearance and greatly reduces the amount of weeding. Keep mulch a couple of inches away from the base of trees.  Freshen your mulch with a quick cultivation once or twice a year.  There are several varieties available, from Cedar to Cocoa bean, Wood Chips, Bark etc. do NOT use dyed wood mulch, it can cause problems if they are chemical based dyes that leach and injure sensitive root systems.


Use leaves grass clippings and garden debris in your compost pile. Good Compost adds excellent organic matter into your soil and improves drainage and air circulation in claysoil. In sandy soil it will improve water retention and texture.  Ensure your compost is “finished” which means that during natural processing it has reached a temperature internally that renders the weed seeds within it, useless.  Beware of artificially heated products that may kill the weed seeds, but also kill the beneficial organisms that make it useful.

Use Sharp Tools

Sharp mower blades, pruning shears and secateurs all require regular sharpening in order to make clean cuts that reduce disease and keep plants healthier.  Check at least twice a year and sharpen your mowing and gardening tools according to manufacturers directions.

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