Renovation Package

Lawn Renovation & Restoration Plan

lawn maintenance package lawnsavers renovationNo other company offers you LawnSavers proven experience combined with value contained in this program.

Our Renovation & Restoration Plan is a partnership that gets your scraggly mess of a lawn back into shape by working together to destroy the pests and problems that ruined your lawn, improve the foundation that supports healthy sustainable growth resulting in a green, thick lawn you can be proud of.  Your active participation (with easy tasks) is required!

For whatever reason you let your lawn go, (or maybe it was someone else’s fault- we don’t judge.)  We’re here to work with you and do what’s required to get it back into shape, and more sustainable than ever.   Your partnership with preparation like light raking, consistent mowing, and folowing proper watering instructions are the key to success!

COMPARED to Re-Sodding, this program will get you a more sustainable and resilient lawn for the long-term, at over 50-60% in savings! That can mean several thousand dollars for an average lawn.

And a Reno’ed lawn will last because we choose from multiple seed varieites and custom blend our mixture for your unique lawn environment!

Field-Grown Sod is made up of 100% Kentucky bluegrass, and this type of grass is only suited for full-sun areas.  Most people dont know that Sod takes 2 years to become established, healthy and ready for harvest.  For the same reason, we require your 2 year commitment to bring your lawn up to optimal shape, but you will have a more sustainable lawn – Faster! (1 year on RENO package, and 1 YEAR on PRO package with Compost and OverSeeding)

Our process is proven and unmatched by any other competitor offering!

9 VISIT PLAN (up to 20 treatments and services)

The following is a summary of the services that are provided within the plan. Some visits may have only one service performed, while other visits will have several applications/services performed at the same time.  This process takes at least one full season of commitment and partnership before graduating to the Protector Package with OverSeeding annually afterward.  Late Starts are welcome but still require growing time the following season.  Our Renovation program does not level your lawn.

  • Vegetation Control (to control unwanted vegetation like weed grasses and hard to control weeds) as required.
  • Granular fortified Compost (weed-seed free) application 
  • Soil & Root INVIGORATOR™
  • Starter Fertilizer to improve seed germination and rooting
  • Soil Conditioner*  Improves soil conditions to increase nutrient uptake in poor soils typical of new developments or depleted soils in old, mature neighbourhoods.
  • Exclusive NO MESS Lawn Aeration (Liquid and Core) if needed. Allowing air, water & nutrients to reach the root zone.
  • PowerSeeding using our special high powered machine that inserts seed into small furrows through out your lawn with regular spot seeding throughout the summer to fill in bare spots!
  • Season Long Fertilization using the best slow release fertilizer available, custom formulated for newly established lawns
  • Spring, Summer & Fall Weed Management with FIESTA®* (applied as needed throughout the season as required when weeds are present to try and help reduce the overall incidence of weeds on your lawn.  Our overall comprehensive program is the best way to ensure a green, thick & healthy lawn with less weeds!)
  • Free Chinch Bug Inspection
  • Surface Insect Management* with SEA KELP Strengthening Bio-Stimulant that reduces and aids in repairing damage from surface-feeding insects such as chinch bugs  and increases plant cell wall strength.
  • Additional Spot Seeding as required while your lawn thickens and grows in, we will continue to seed bare spots throughout the season require an extra helping hand to become established.
  • FREE Plant Health Check on each visit
  • FREE pH soil testing upon request or when a problem is suspected

The Renovation and Rejuvenation Package is our most pro-active package to repair and restore your lawn: 9 VISITS & up to 20 Services from only $997 for the first year*!
*(prepayment required for up to 1000 sq. ft. of actual front lawn area + tax)

LawnSavers provides “Lawns You Can Live On” TM

* Applied in accordance within IPM guidelines, provincial and local by-laws. Program services may be altered or substituted to comply with provincial regulations and developments in organic & traditional technologies that provide for more effective control. Management is defined as the holistic processes employed to manage the incidence and numbers of weeds & turf damaging pests in order to promote a thicker, healthier and greener lawn.  Total weed, or insect control is neither reasonable nor practical to expect under Ontario Provincial Regulations & laws. Our Organic & Natural alternatives will provide a Thick, Green & Healthy lawn that you will love, Guaranteed, as long as we work together.