Vegetation Control

Vegetation Control Toronto


Vegetation and Weed Control manages unwanted and nuisance vegetation in and around your landscape or commercial establishment. This is performed in an economical, expeditious, and environmentally conscious process with registered products that we choose from that are either 100% NATURAL or low toxicity synthetics.

Who needs vegetation and weed control?

  • Driveways or patios that have weeds or grasses growing uncontrollably.
  • Gardens that have been overcome with weeds and grasses and are in need of renovation.
  • Lawns that require complete renovation in specific areas before continuing with over-seeding or top dressing.
  • Noxious weeds such as ragweed or poison ivy.
  • Right-of-ways or industrial lots.

How often do I need to perform weed control?

  • LawnSavers offers a season long program called Hard Surface Vegetation Control that allows our specialists to treat all hard surfaces at your property on each of your lawn care visits (after round one).
  • Weeds and weed grasses are a nuisance whose seeds sneak into cracks and crevices in interlocking stone pathways or cracks in driveways.  Our sprays target the leafy tissues with a 100% natural product that take skills back the plant.
  • This does not include garden areas as the proximity to sensitive plants and the risk of injury is too great.

Benefits of Weed Control

  • Eliminates vegetation above ground and with repeated applications will kill the root systems.
  • Please note that new plants may grow back from seeds and roots if cracks in pavement or interlock are not repaired, sanded and/or sealed properly.

Weed Control Process

  • Spray treatment by a LawnSavers Plant Health Specialist to target areas.

Does vegetation and weed control kill both weeds and other plants, or just weeds?

Vegetation control kills everything.  It is used for driveways and interlocking primarily. It is also use for ‘poison ivy’ or ‘giant hogweed’ control or when you want absolutely everything gone.  Weed control (or weed management) is used to selectively kill weeds but leave grass to flourish.

Other than driveways & patios, what other hard surfaces do you treat regularly?

It is NOT used in gardens when there are desirable plants as it can be hard to control the over-spray.  It could be used in a gravel area, but mainly driveways and interlock patios.

Do you also kill grass in a driveway? How to kill weeds in my driveway?

Yes it kills everything it (vegetation control) touches including weeds and grasses.  It might be important to note, that weed control (or weed management ONLY refers to weeds in a lawn, not those growing in your garden or on your patio or driveway.


  • Individual visits starting at $79.00 + tax (per application).
  • Season-long programs (for all hard surfaces) starting at $139.00 + tax are available for season-long control. (with purchase of a lawn care program)

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