2020 also very stressful on lawns!

2020 presented unusually difficult challenges for lawns in Ontario as they are made up of “cool-season” grasses (Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass) that cannot easily survive extended periods of high temperatures (over 28 deg C) and long durations without rainfall or ample watering.

This year there were additional challenges to the excessive heat and drought stress.

  1. Lawns that were not watered frequently or deeply enough before AND during these periods did not have deep enough roots to survive hot soil temperatures near the surface.
  2. Lawns that were mowed too short (below 2.75″- 3″) dried out quickly and were damaged by heat and sun burning the fragile crowns of the turfgrass plants.
  3. Lawns that were mowed during high heat on dormant and stressed grass blades suffered additional damage.
  4. The variable weather from freezing temperatures in early May to periods of high heat prevented the turfgrass roots from having time to acclimatize and develop protective reserves to harden off and transition.
  5. The extreme variability of weather between hot, cold, and warm caused uncontrollable fungal issues like Ascochyta Blight that further damages the lawn. With the unfortunate result being that lawns finally succumbed to the extreme stress.

Just like good human health involving a proper nutritious diet, regular exercise, drinking enough water (and good genetics), LawnSavers always stresses that Maintaining the health of your lawn is a partnership and a 3 part process:

1/3 LawnSavers Services, Analysis and Advice.
1/3 The Weather
1/3 YOUR Contribution to Good Maintenance Habits!

Seasons like this underline the importance of being on the right program year to year and partnering with professionals to build a stronger and more resilient lawn that has a better chance at surviving these extreme weather fluctuations we experience in Ontario.

Call us today and let one of our Customer Success Advisors work with you to develop a plan to rehabilitate and get your lawn back in shape for 2021.