2016 Spring Lawn Conditions update (Greater Toronto Area)

Subject:  Transcript of Spring Update for our customers.

  • Greater Toronto Area Weather review
  • Partnering on your lawn for best results

My name is Kyle and I’m calling from your lawn care company LawnSavers with a spring update and special request.

We’re just weeks away from the official start to summer, and we really need to work together to achieve a healthy lawn.

This past winter was very mild, Although most of us were happy that we had very little snow.  That’s not a good start if you’re a plant or lawn, since snow saturates the soil and normally provides plants, including your lawn, a good jump-start to spring.

Drought stressed lawn in Markham

Bluegrass lawn showing symptoms of drought stress

April was drier than usual and also gave us freezing temperatures for about a week, just as plants were springing to life and new buds were forming –This caused a lot of stress on plants, including your lawn!

The month of May ended up  very dry overall with only 1.3 inches of rain in total, followed by an intense heat wave like we normally see in July. Even more stress for lawns and trees!

Yesterday we had intense drying winds and the forecast for the next couple of weeks is dry with another heat wave coming.

All of this together means we are seeing lots of lawns that are showing signs of drought stress, (also called lawn dormancy) way earlier than normal!

We need to work together to give you a great lawn.

I’m asking you for three things (for you to partner with us):

  1. Sharpen your mower blade.  A sharp mower blade gives you a great cut that lessens the chance for disease and for the grass blade to dry out. Learn more.

    Mowing with dull mower blades is unhealthy for your lawn and ruins its appearance

    Effects of dull mower blades

  2. Mow high and frequently, You must mow your lawn at least once a week, BUT if you really want a great lawn, mow every 5 days so you are never taking off more than 1/3 of the blade.
  3. WATER regularly. Plants need ample water and your lawn should be watered at least once per week for an hour in each area. This should be done regardless of thunderstorms, because that water comes so fast, it doesn’t sink in deep enough to water the roots. The only way you would avoid a weekly watering is if we have of rain all day long!  We haven’t had one yet!
lawn sprinkler rotor

Watering your lawn with an irrigation system

It’s important to note that certain applications can only be applied to properly watered lawns, that are not drought stressed.

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We’re here to be your partner in lawn care, If we work together we’ll grow green and healthy lawns guaranteed! A healthy lawn is great for the environment!

Thank you for your time.  (For more great tips, read this article in 2 minutes)

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