Crazy for us to say this, but we don’t think everyone should hire LawnSavers.  And not just because we think we’re different, have cooler looking trucks & well trained super nice award-winning staff!  It’s because when it comes to organic lawn care, it truly is a lawn care partnership if you want results. Read our partnership agreement here!

When you’re ready to make a decision about caring for your lawn, we only want to work with clients who are willing to do their part.  That means, consistent mowing and watering at the right height, in addition to following our customize care instructions on each visit.

LawnSavers does have the elusive secret to success with your lawn and we’re willing to share it with you; It all lies in communication with our customers when they sign up with us as a new customer with weed problems.  In short, we won’t make promises that we can’t keep!

Want to hear the rest?   Here it goes:


That’s right- no slick sales pitch about how your lawn is going to look incredible when we apply our magic potion or any other big call centre/say anything unrealistic promise to get the sale nonsense.

We’ll always be polite, but we will firmly explain that we cannot work miracles in only one season, and hopefully this will demonstrate to you that we truly do have your best interests at heart (that is why it requires being honest and upfront)

You’ll eventually appreciate us telling you that it’s impossible to give you a thick green and healthy lawn in only one year of treatment. (especially after the pesticide ban)

If you are interested in judging results after only one season, then we are not your company. Every single study shows that it takes time to create a healthy lawn that is sustainable and without the use or aid of chemicals.

We have proven for 25 years it’s possible to get great results, but not if you aren’t willing to do your part AND part of that is you willing to do your part and be patient- one season won’t do it- the first year is “set-up” / “establishing a base” the 2nd year is when results really start to kick in!  The 3rd year is when you have a sustainable lawn that is going to be living up to its full potential!


Get a FREE estimate! Get a FREE estimate!

    LawnSavers by nature employs strict safety guidelines in the use of our nutrients, soil-enhancing minerals, weed and pest controls and application procedures at all times.
    The province of Ontario in addition to many provinces and states have designated Pest Control Exterminators as ‘essential services’.  (we dont take this responsibility lightly)

    Our Professional, Ontario-licenced Service Technicians work alone in their own assigned, sanitized-daily service vehicles.  Our service treatments are outside which means we are not in contact with the general public or others during our daily duties as part of our standard operating procedures.

    Our professional and uniformed staff wear protective safety equipment including gloves and eye protection, and keep our selves and our vehicles clean and sanitized as regular daily safety measures. As always, LawnSavers provides your service information/invoice after each visit to our clients through email to reduce paper and also contact.

    Our service normally includes knocking on doors before service  as a courtesy to let our clients know we are on your property and to discuss specific client needs. However, this contact method will be suspended indefinitely during this time.  We will still advise you the day before service by email, and we will also send email reports right after each visit with customized notes and directions (as always). If you would like to talk about service, a friendly Customer Success Representative is just a phone call away.

    Spring turf and tree growth won’t wait, and weeds and insect pests don’t either!  It is important for us to continue timely treatments to promote a thick green and healthy lawn that can fight off pests proactively during the season so you can enjoy your home and outdoor environment.
    Thank you!