Animals digging up your lawn in the Spring? Client questions

Hi Jenny & Kyle,

We have had some Grubs over the years & the skunks come in and start digging around every spring. If we get the grub treatment will it stop this?? If we get this when would you apply it. Please advise.

Thanks,   Mr. B…

Hi Mr. B…,

The Nematode treatment for grubs will definitely help reduce the # of grubs in your lawn, however it will not necessarily stop animal digging in your lawn.

Raccoon’s and skunks are creatures of habit that lift up anything that comes up easily, looking for an insect dinner underneath.

Nematode Grub Management treatment combined with proper fertilization will allow the roots that grubs eat, a chance to grow back and make it harder for animals to lift up your lawn.

In an age without traditional products that have an increased level of control, I highly recommend annual Nematode treatments to combat grubs proactively.

It’s important to remember that in the spring, especially after a heavy snow cover that obscures food sources,  animals are starving and will often dig, (because they can) but it isn’t “always” a sign of a grub infestations.

I hope this helps, Kyle!