Where is the best place to grow grass?

Great question:

Hey Kyle,

I’m helping a potential customer from Oakville who wants to grow grass in the garden areas underneath his trees. (Pics attached). He also has a garden he wants to cover with grass up against a building, and another area in between 2 driveways that is currently mulched.
This seems to relate to our previous training about grass not always being the best solution for all areas.  Any advice before I call him back?
Thanks,  Aida (Customer Rep. at LawnSavers)

Great question, these pictures are actually an excellent example of someone who designed their landscaping thoughtfully.

Grass is not always the ideal ground-cover. These pictures perfectly illustrate 3 poor location choices for successful lawn establishment.

  1. Under trees: Grass doesn’t normally grow well under trees and will compete
    Mulch under trees

    Cant grow grass under trees

    with the tree roots for moisture and also with tree canopies for sunlight. In addition, he should consider that it would be harder to mow those areas. (who like to get ‘clothes-lined’ by branches) Grass will always be thin and sparse in those areas- I recommend keeping areas under trees covered with mulch. (it has the added benefit of keeping the tree root systems healthy)

  2. Small Islands: The thin strip between
    between driveways

    Cant grow between driveways

    the driveways will not support good turfgrass growth.  The heat generated from the pavement on both sides will dry the area much quicker, generate higher soil temperatures. In the winter, excessive snow load piled there, salt drippings that collect under vehicles will melt and run onto the lawn and burn the grass, vehicle and human traffic will excessively compact that area etc.  Not an ideal place for grass. (it would be dead in no time!)

  1. Heat sinks: Up against buildings, the area can be covered by overhanging soffits. In addition, the brick absorbs
    mulch Against building

    Hard to grow grass against warm bricks and under soffits

    heat during the day, radiating that heat,  and desiccating the soil underneath. I always recommend about 1-2 feet from the base of the house be a garden because the challenges I discussed always causes thin turf against buildings.