LUMPY BUMPY LAWNS: Rolling not a good idea for lawns

Kind of sounds like a song by Billy Ray Cyrus, doesn’t it?

Common questions each Spring are “why is my lawn bumpy?” and “how do I fix a bumpy lawn”? Here is another from one of our customers:

Hi Kyle,

It’s here again! (spring)

Do you think we would benefit from rolling our lawn to get rid of the bumpy areas so it is smooth during the summer?

If yes what will be your cost if you offer this service?

Regards,   Gillian


Hey Gillian, great to hear from you.

We never recommend rolling a lawn.

Rolling never achieves what people expect it to do.  You would need a steam roller to be able to effect smoothing out bumps, which in turn will severely compact your lawn making it really difficult to grow healthy turfgrass (but weeds would survive…).

The best thing you can do is to aerate regularly, topdress and overseed when needed, manage pest infestations proactively and keep the lawn thick and healthy.

Bumps are usually the result of uneven growth and poor health. When the lawn thickens sufficiently, these bumps are much less pronounced.

I hope this helps,  Kyle!

PS: If your lawn is bumpy, a few things to look for are: Different “bunch-types” of grass like Tall Fescue clumps, worm castings from ‘night crawlers’, frost heaving (freeze/thaw) in the soil, animals digging, grub damage, chinch bug damage where the turf has not recovered, excess thatch, not enough thatch,  tree roots from large trees or even neighbours trees that cause heaving soil, mowing patterns that never change causing wheel ruts (the list goes on)…

Knowing what is causing the problem, helps you to better zero in on how to fix the lawn and whatever is causing the uneven or lumpy feel.  However it is important to note that not all of these problems can be solved easily.  Re-sodding, or covering over the problem is only delaying the same issue from happening again and potentially wasting money if you don’t get down to the “root” cause.

Let me know what you see in the comments area and I’ll be sure to respond in the conversation with some good ideas to help alleviate the problem.

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