Southern Ontario Leatherjacket Alert!

Leatherjacket insects

Leatherjackets will wash out of a lawn after a heavy rain

We have been seeing a lot of Leatherjacket insects in lawns in the GTA in the last week. The rain has been a help, as it washes them out where they can be seen easily and encourages the grass to grow through the damage they cause.

If you are finding these larvae on your driveway or sidewalk, please call and let us know. We have an effective treatment that will help reduce the Leatherjacket population on your lawn and stop them from killing your grass. This treatment starts at just $79.00 + HST!

If they are appearing in your area, please comment below or on our Facebook page and help us track where these insects are attacking.

Leatherjacket on a driveway

One of our clients sent us this photo of a Leatherjacket that was washed onto his driveway. Thanks, Paul!

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