Mosquito Management & Control Program in York Region and Toronto

Mosquito Management & Control Program in York Region and Toronto Area

Do you have Uninvited Guests every time you go outside?
Kick ’em to the curb!

Mosquito Control in Toronto, ON and the Greater Toronto Area by LawnSavers

You’re not welcome Mosquito!

We can help provide relief from nuisance guests so you can enjoy your backyard! and it’s KIDS AND PET SAFE! 

LawnSavers now offers Mosquito Management Applications  in the Toronto and York Region area using both non-toxic and low odour natural repellents and synthetic products applied by our Licenced Mosquito and Biting Fly Exterminators!

If you have a pesky problem with mosquitoes, we can help reduce them in your yard!
Mosquitoes in Ontario, Canada are known to carry the West Nile Virus which is transmitted to animals and humans while they bite you to take your blood.

Read more about other known vectors that keep mosquitoes top of mind but not yet known as a serious threat in colder climates like Canada such as Zika Virus, Chikungunya and Dengue.  Maclean’s magazine published an article in February 2016 stating that there is not enough study done to know if mosquitoes found in Southern Ontario can carry the Zika Virus!)

Treatment normally involves spraying your property and surrounding landscape (shrubbery, trees, long grass, under decks and other hot spots) with our special formula every 3-4 weeks (depending on the weather- amount of rainfall).

Enjoy a yard this summer without the threat of nasty mosquito bites.

We use 2 different control products depending on the situation. Our most popular and most effective barrier treatment utilizes a synthetic product derived from the extract of chrysanthemum plants that kills mosquitoes on contact and can reduce the mosquitoes in your yard up to 90% when part of a comprehensive treatment plan. The product is similar to what is used for common flea control in pets and head lice shampoos.
Our natural formula alternative contains a concentrated garlic oil that mosquitoes are over ten thousand times more sensitive to, then humans!  The odour dissipates quickly (generally the same day), but the mosquitoes still know! It repels them for up to 30 days! 

All products are approved for use by Health Canada.

In addition to our season long treatment program, Our Mosquito Control treatment is also a great service to begin before your special event; Outdoor Weddings, Graduation Parties, Barbecues, Pool Parties etc.!

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Season Long Relief from only  $398.00 +tax for summer long control!

Professional Membership in the American Mosquito Association

LawnSavers: Member of the AMCA

We Encourage You to Remember the 3 D’s to Mosquito Prevention:

  • DUMP and DRAIN: Eliminate standing water where mosquitoes can breed
  • DUSK and DAWN:  Stay indoors when mosquitoes are most active
  • DEFEND: Prevent mosquito bites by wearing approved insect repellents

Mosquito Prevention Tips you can use:

  • Empty birdbaths (mosquito larvae only need 1 cup of water to live)
  • Check your eaves-troughs and gutters (water standing in gutters out of sight is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Sandboxes, often have liners that trap water (poke holes in the liner or allow for drainage)
  • Check your tarps, If they are sagging and collecting water, you have a perfect spot for mosquitoes to multiply
  • Kids toys left around the yard very often collect just enough water to breed mosquitoes.
  • Frisbees and sporting goods are big culprits to catch water.
  • Planters often come with water saucers underneath them that collect water


How long does it take to do the treatment?

Most properties take about 10-20 minutes to spray. Larger properties can take longer depending on the amount and density of shrubbery.  We spray starting from the house out towards the yard, spraying under decks, siding, into shrubs and trees and other natural mosquito resting spots.  We avoid flowers to protect the bees.  We inspect the property for other mosquito hangouts and travelling points to make sure we are extra thorough.  The result is a barrier of protection around your yard.

Is every property a good candidate to be sprayed for mosquitoes?

Unfortunately no.  Mosquitoes have very specific habits during the day and night, including how they travel to a host for their blood meal.  To provide value in our service, your yard should have a moderate amount of vegetation and dark hiding spaces like decks or trees.  Not every property is a good candidate. Call us and we can evaluate your property over the phone using special satellite imagery.

How does the 100% organic product work?

Uses concentrated garlic oil.  Tends to be a shorter control period

Does it have a strong odour?

Garlic Oil has a very strong odour for the first few hours up to a day or two before disappearing altogether.  The traditional spray has no detectable odour whatsoever.


Do you spray the grass?

No mosquitoes don’t tend to congregate in grass that is mowed regularly.  They are attracted to tall grass usually over 10-12″ in length that you would see in an unkempt field. Mosquitoes love damp and shady areas.

Do I need to be home?

Nope, just leave the pets inside please.

How does the Barrier Treatment for mosquitoes work?

Mosquitoes work a lot different than most people think.  They tend to avoid the wind and hides in plants and trees during the day.  During the day they tend to feed on plant nectar. They come out at dusk when the wind dies down looking for a blood meal (females). Mosquitoes search out the scent of people but they tend to hop from place to place (normally at least 4-5 times) before finding an animal or person.  when they land on these leaf or other surfaces, they will come into contact with the product that will destroy them on contact.

Are the technicians licenced?

Yes, we hold a Ministry of Environment Operators Licence and an additional licence classification called “Mosquito/Biting Flies” which governs the use of exterminating adult and larvae form of mosquitoes on land and water.

What types of mosquitoes do we have in Southern Ontario?

There are 2 main genera called ‘Aedes’ and ‘Culex’.  Both contribute to the almost 3500 species of mosquitoes. Aedes are known to be aggressive day biters, while Culex mainly come out after dusk and bite through the night.

TRIVIA: What is the ‘bump’ called that is caused by a mosquito bite?

It is called a “wheal”.  After a mosquito bites you, they leave a protein under the skin that activates ‘histamines’ in your body that try to fight it off.  Mosquitoes can easily insert there proboscis several times into your skin before they find a suitable capillary under the skin in which to extract a blood meal.