Basic Package

Basic Package

LawnSavers provides “Lawns You Can Live On” TM

Our Basic LawnSavers Package includes all the basic needs to keep a lawn in good shape, and we include FREE Kelp Strengthening treatment for Chinch bug damage to keep your lawn green & healthy.  It includes:

5 VISIT PROGRAM (10 services)

  • Spring Ultra Slow-release Premium Polyon™ Granular Fertilizer
  • Summer Ultra Slow-release Premium Polyon™ Granular Fertilizer
  • Fall Nutrient Booster
  • Spring Application of FIESTA Weed Management* 
  • + BONUS Soil & Root INVIGORATOR™
  • Fall Application of FIESTA Weed Management* (applied spring & Fall when weeds are present to try and help reduce the overall incidence of weeds on your lawn.  Our overall comprehensive program is the best way to ensure a green, thick & healthy lawn with less weeds!)
  • 2 EXTRA applications of FIESTA Weed Management where required
  • FREE Chinch Bug Inspection
  • Surface Insect Management* with FREE KELP Strengthening Bio-Stimulant that reduces and aids in repairing damage from surface-feeding insects such as chinch bugs & billbugs and increases plant cell wall strength.
  • FREE Plant Health Check on each visit
  • One FREE Service Call
  • FREE pH soil testing upon request or when a problem is suspected
  • AIR MILES™ reward miles

5 VISITS & up to 10 services starting from only $43.00 per visit*
* (for up to 1000 sq. ft. of actual lawn area)

Basic Package Customers also receive:

* Applied in accordance within IPM guidelines, provincial and local by-laws. Program services may be altered or substituted to comply with provincial regulations and developments in organic & traditional technologies that provide for more effective control. Management is defined as the holistic processes employed to manage the incidence and numbers of weeds & turf damaging pests in order to promote a thicker, healthier and greener lawn.  Total weed and insect pest control is neither reasonable nor practical to expect under Ontario provincial regulations and laws.  Our Organic & Natural alternatives will provide a Thick, Green & Healthy lawn that you will love, Guaranteed, as long as we work together.

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