Is it beneficial to begin lawn care in the Fall?

LawnSavers Fall is the perfect time for Tree Deep Root Feeding and a Head-start on Lawn Care

Fall is the best time for Feeding your lawn and trees

A very common question we receive about lawns every year once the kids go back to school.

My answer:

Absolutely! Lawns will actually do their best growing for the next 3 months (September, October and November). It’s the best part of the growing season with warm soils and cooler ambient temperatures. This is when turf grass can really start thickening up and repairing itself from summer heat and stress. Fall is when its roots are actively growing and trying to develop new shoots to recover from summer lawn stresses. It is also the time that grub larvae begin to hatch and eat the roots of the grass plant. Normally the damage doesn’t show up until late November or the following Spring, because the grass is actively growing and trying to battle damage by outgrowing the feeding.

Fall is also when weeds actively grow again and can gain a foothold if left unchecked. However it also an even easier time to gain control over them. White grubs can also grow and inflict damage now and in the Spring, but can only be treated each Fall. Treating problems when they are small gets you better results! This is also the time to apply Beneficial Nematodes to help manage populations of root feeding grubs. The earlier they are applied (to the smaller grubs) the more effective they will be. Be sure to water your lawn frequently before and for 2 -3 weeks after application of Nematodes to make sure they can swim through the soil to infect and kill the grubs.

Grass Seed grows best in Fall, since soil temperature regulates germination. Fall seeding gives your lawn a huge head start over starting in the Spring when you need to wait for the soil to warm up for anything beneficial to happen.

Lawns that start now will be 3 times further ahead by mid Spring versus lawns started next Spring. by starting now, you’ll have less weeds and a thicker lawn ready to fight off the constant onslaught of weeds and crabgrass.

Don’t forget to mow regularly to prevent weed seeds from spreading. Also, People often forget that the more frequently you mow, the more you will stimulate growth and thicken up your lawn.  Also, make sure you cut your grass to 2.5-3 inches before winter starts.

LawnSavers has beneficial services for your lawn and trees available well into November! Contact us for more information.

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