What are all these little trees growing in my grass?

From: Richard
Sent: May 14, 2014 11:44 AM
To: Kyle Tobin
Subject: weeds or saplings in lawn

 I have this weird plant growing in my lawn, is it possible to have somebody come by to spray?

Hey Richard,

Great question- These are simply young “saplings” from the Trees located in and around your property. (primarily Norway Maples)

Some years there are more than others.  You may remember seeing the little “helicopter” seedlings as we used to call them when we were kids.

The best way to control them is simply mow them down (with your lawn mower).tree saplings in grass

They want to grow up to be large trees of grandeur, but you will very quickly destroy those dreams, usually in one simple mowing.

But don’t feel bad!

Even though their mother just had a stressful year of growing, and when super-stressed, she produces an even larger number of seeds than normal to ensure longevity of the species. But she will fare well.

Be sure to give your trees some tender loving care, by watering deeply once a month using a slow drip method.

(Place the hose all around the drip line of the tree, once a month- Turn it on to a slow drip, then leave it to soak the soil slowly until you see puddling occur on the surface, then move to another area. Repeat for each large tree you love!)