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How to control your weeds in 7 Steps – Lawn Care 101

Every year, homeowners wake up to the reality that their lawns and gardens are a living collection of biological organisms that start to grow again each spring with or without our effort and input. But the difference is, what you…

Take Action Against Weeds: What You Can do to Reduce Weeds – Before & After Photos

Jump To: Steps For Managing Weeds Effectively, Contact Us, Other Lawn Care Tips The Province of Ontario has banned chemical weed control and while the new organic alternatives are very effective, they do not provide the immediate results of the…

Choosing a reputable lawn care company- Global News Story

Today, I woke up to hear the story of a fly-by-night , so called ‘lawn care contractor’ who ripped off an unsuspecting disabled lady.  When confronted, not only did he run from Global News Investigative Reporter Sean O’Shea, he punched…